All You Need To Know To Use The Facebook Pay App

Facebook Pay App – Facebook is gradually spreading its wing from being more than just a social media platform to a friendly e-commerce service where users only on Facebook can buy and sell items, with the new Facebook payment system that has been integrated into the Facebook Messenger app that makes it easier to facilitate payments of funds for items bought through Facebook.

Facebook payments are made through the messenger app; it is now possible to send or request payments just through chatting on the app. This Facebook payment system within the app creates a conducive environment for Facebook users to transfer money to each other without going through the stress of transferring account details or even making transactions outside Facebook, with the advantage of making such transaction under a safe and secure environment.

How to use Facebook pay/ Facebook payment through the messenger app

There are two categories;  it’s either you are sending money, or you are receiving money, but we shall be starting with the sending aspect before moving on to receiving.  To send money, launch the messenger app and open a chat with the person you wish to send money to, then click on the + icon and then you tap on the green payment icon to start.

If this is your first time of using Messenger payments service, you will be prompted to set up your payment account, setting up your payment account is just a one-time thing as you won’t be required to set up your account again unless you clear the app’s data or you uninstall it. Once you have done that, tap the “pay “ option and enter your debit card information in the spaces required.

If you want to receive money, open a chat with the person who wants to send money to you and tap on the “add card option “ and enter your debit card information and you account details. To show confirmation of a successful transaction, the amount sent or received will be over your screen like raindrops.

This method of facebook pay through the messenger app is still a new feature that is currently available for users in few countries like the US and the UK for now, with hopes of becoming available for users across the globe in the nearest future.

It is also noteworthy to know that the Facebook payment service in Messenger app is Limited to €2,500 at once and though, the money is transferred right away; it may take up to three working days at most, depending on the receiver’s bank for the funds to become available.

How To Tackle Any Problem On Facebook Advertisement Support

Facebook Advertisement Support – the need of Facebook advertisement is becoming more and more demanding. As Facebook gradually continues to spreads its wing further into digital marketing by updating new features to Facebook ads, be it Dynamic ads, LTV customs audience or A/B split testing. The need for marketers to have a sound knowledge of how to run a successful Facebook ad campaign and how to contact Facebook advertisement support team when the need arises.

When it comes to Facebook ads, Marketers also face some little challenges such as billing updates, ad issues with ad delivery, pixels issues and other small difficulties that may occur from time to time; Facebook, advertisement support system, can help rectify such problems quickly and fast, saving your time energy and resources.

Contacting Facebook ads support channel may seem easy, but contrary to general thoughts. Some marketers find it challenging to contact Facebook advertisement support while some marketers don’t even know that there is a way to chat with a Facebook advertisement support system. We shall be shedding more light into this possibility in this article, follow the steps below, and you should have little or no issues trying to contact Facebook ads support centre.

How To Contact Facebook Advertisement Support System

For you to contact Facebook ads support, you need to have a Facebook ad account, and if you don’t have one, Click here. Those that have an active ad account can access the help menu on the top right corner of the page, the link transfers you to the ‘ask the community ‘ section or directly sets up a call with a Facebook Marketing expert.

However, In the case where you need support and don’t have the luxury of time to put a call through to a Facebook Marketing expert, here’s what you could do :

  • Log on to the site at Navigate to the bottom of the page; you should see a menu that indicates “ additional support “when you click on it, you should see two options;  “email support “ and “ live chat”. People tend to go for the live chat option because it is fast and can resolve your issues in a matter of minutes, but there’s a catch to the live chat option, the live chat section is only available on Facebook business working hours which is 8 o’clock to 5 o’clock PST, Mondays to Fridays

Here are possible questions you can ask Facebook advertisement support channel: creating ads, billing and payments, Ads and account settings, page settings,  reporting and measurements and many more. Even if you can’t find the exact issue, you want to address, select the one that is very close to your question, and the expert will guide you through the right course.

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