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Welcome to Fresh New Facebook | New Look & Features

Welcome to Fresh New Facebook- Honestly, Facebook has been losing its popularity and uniqueness recently due to a lot of things. One of those things is its look and interface and Facebook has taken note of this and made the necessary changes. These changes Facebook’s new outlook are the topics we are going to take… Read More »

Welcome To a Fresh Simpler Facebook | Must See Upgraded Features

Welcome To a Fresh Simpler Facebook- A lot has changed around town and Facebook seems to be one of them, changing quite a lot about its social media platform. With change, come improvements. Basically Facebook is creating a better interface for its users. Most of these changes are very quite new to the desktop version… Read More »

Facebook Messenger Games- Must Play and Addictive 2020

Facebook Messenger Games- Facebook and Messenger application are two different apps, most people prefer staying online messaging and chatting with friends than viewing or creating posts. If you are on Facebook surfing or browsing posts and you get bored, you could try out Facebook games. What if you are on the Messenger app? Yes, there… Read More »

 Facebook Games List- 11 Top Rated Games

Facebook Games List- Facebook Games has lots of games, interesting ones at that. All you have to do is to navigate to the Facebook Games center or download Facebook Gameroom. It is almost futile to start listing all the games on Facebook Games, not just for me as a writer but for you as a… Read More »

Facebook Games for Groups-7 Best Group/Page Engaging Games

Facebook Games for Groups- Facebook is a social media platform with different people looking to communicate and share information. Gaming on Facebook sounds fun but the aim of Facebook Games should be to connect Facebook users or groups of users over games. There are lots of games on Facebook which allow users to play with… Read More »