Pay Pal On Facebook Messenger – How Do I Use PayPal Payments On Facebook

Use pay pal on Facebook messenger when you want to make a transaction with a client on your contact list and don’t want to log on to a different website or page. With Facebook messenger and pay pals collaboration, payments can now be made on the go. Making it easier and more reliable.

Pay Pal On Facebook Messenger - How Do I Use PayPal Payments On Facebook

Facebook is an online social media platform with a plethora of features, groups, pages and information. However, using pay pal on Facebook requires easy to follow steps and procedures. Create a Facebook account if you don’t have on.

Features of Pay Pal On Facebook Messenger

With pay pal now on Facebook Messenger transactions can be made with ease efficiency, detail and commitment to the other party. With PayPal on Facebook Messenger you can have conversations while transferring money to another use this in turn makes the transaction smoother. Some other features of PayPal on Facebook messenger are:

  • Reliable Transactions: Ever run the risk of making the wrong transactions, not receiving payments when due, sending the wrong amount, with PayPal on Facebook messenger that is bound to end.
  • Immediate Feedback: With PayPal on Facebook messenger, you know the transaction is complete immediately no waiting to verify or be certain

How to Use Pay Pal on Facebook Messenger

However, any Facebook user can make use of pay pal on Facebook messenger to make transactions. Also can they send and receive money and transfer funds. PayPal on Facebook messenger provides easy access to transactions for online businesses and vendors. Make quicker transactions by following this methods.

  1. Open Facebook messenger
  2. Go to menu and click settings
  3. Tap payment when payment method appears
  4. Input debit card in menu (you can add two or more)
  5. Input all needed card information
  6. Input a pin (Optional)
  7. Start conversation with other user
  8. Open user information
  9. Select Send or receive money option
  10. Input amount
  11. Make payment or receive payment

With Facebook signing messenger to PayPal managers, making payments has been made more efficient and reliable. Instead of going through the normal procedure of logging off of Facebook messenger application anytime you want to make a transaction.

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