Best 2020 Phones | Must Buy Smartphones

2020 Phones- Smartphones, there is just something with it, you get one and you find yourself already waiting for the next. Like you can’t help but create spoiler features for the next phone on your mind and probably start saving to get the next version of a new phone. You feel the need to satisfy… Read More »

WorldRemit | Best Online Transfer Service

WorldRemit is one of the first online money transfer firms that engaged more on mobile to mobile remittances, founded in 2010 by Dr. Ismail Ahmed. His idea of an online money transfer was more of a personal feud with offline money transfer. So he developed WorldRemit with co-founders Catherine Wines and Richard Igoe as a… Read More »

How To Send Money Online to Nigeria From USA

Send Money Online to Nigeria From USA- One of the main problems with sending money internationally is the high charges rate, time it takes and sometimes the amount of stress you have to go through. Sending money to African countries can be quite frustrating and to a country like Nigeria I need not mention the… Read More »

Welcome to Fresh New Facebook | New Look & Features

Welcome to Fresh New Facebook- Honestly, Facebook has been losing its popularity and uniqueness recently due to a lot of things. One of those things is its look and interface and Facebook has taken note of this and made the necessary changes. These changes Facebook’s new outlook are the topics we are going to take… Read More »