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How to Stop WhatsApp From Auto Downloading Media Contents

How to Stop WhatsApp From Auto Downloading Media Contents – WhatsApp has a lot of users, a proof of its great features making it one of the best instant messaging app. The core functionality of WhatsApp is to send messages instantly and messages can comprise of written characters, stickers, emojis, or media contents. The frustrating… Read More »

How to Get iOS 14 On Your iPhone | IOS 14 Beta Download & Install Free

How to Get iOS 14 On Your iPhone – If you went through my earlier article on the IOS 14 features, you would come to find out the IOS 14 is not out. It might not be out until later this year around September or early October and its release might harmonize with that of… Read More »

iOS 14 Tips & Tricks | 14 Tricks You Need To Know About iOS 14

The iOS 14 has a lot of new features that make it look so cool and interesting to use. Probably the reason most users can’t wait for its release consequently installing the iOS 14 beta version. Many changes were made, okay let’s retract that statement. Lots of interesting updates were made and here are some… Read More »

Google Play Music Being Replaced by YouTube Music | How to Save Your Data On Google Play Music

Google has announced that they are gradually going to shut down Google Play Music, the Music store on Google play and Music manager soon. Music manager will be the first to be shut down followed by the music store on Google play which will be shut down in mid-August. Then December will witness the final… Read More »

Trump Bans US Business with Tik Tok & WeChat Owners

President Trump signed two executive orders against two Chinese based social media apps Tik Tok and WeChat late on Thursday giving the same reasons India did as regards U.S national security. The ban was orchestrated in a way to prevent the companies that owned the social media apps, ByteDance and Tencent from doing most business… Read More »