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Netflix Best Movies- Look back 93 years back, when the TV was invented in 1927, who would have thought there would be am idea like mobile TV. The conception of TV applications that could stream almost anything ranging from sports, shows or movies on a mobile device is rather surprising.

When it comes to mobile TV or streaming TV shows, Netflix has been like a parent app and platform especially when we talk about movies. Everyone is at home because of the coronavirus pandemic and one way or the other we’d prefer not to get bored.

This article is going to give you the best movie ideas both old and new you could stream on Netflix, so get ready to relive the past and enjoy the present with expectations for the future.

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Mind-Blowing Netflix Movies

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Do you love animated superhero movies? what about one with a multiple personality disorder? Well here is one of the best spiderman cartoons I have ever seen. Radioactive spider bit a young boy who becomes the new spider-man of his world and soon enough strange things start happening.

Blade Runner

Yeah, I know, who haven’t seen this movie, I don’t like re-watching movies, but sometimes some movies are just worth it. If you haven’t seen Blade Runner, this is your chance, it might be the last you are going to get.

This sci-fi action movie is based in a world where android beings are a thing and what happens after we somehow destroy the earth. An ex-cop is sent to hunt android replicas but somehow he starts getting second thoughts.


Hail the Pirate king, Johnny Deep who stars in this crime drama movie. It’s about a young man who gets himself in trouble with a very deadly drug cartel.

Watch as drama unfold and things fall in and apart in this great Johnny Deep performance.

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Dolemite is My Name

I haven’t seen this one yet, maybe because it’s a 2019 movie, so I can’t give you much detail. But, expect comedy mixed with a little bit of nuisance. From my experience with Eddie Murphy movies, laughter is not an option, its mandatory. Eddie Murphy returns in this one as Rudy Ray Moore who somehow later becomes Dolemite, a star musician.

Kill Bill

As much as you’d prefer to watch recent movies, I’d advise you to take time-travel back in time, there is joy in it. We all know the story of the bride who tries to live her very bad gang and try to start a good life with a handsome bridegroom. Well her gang members showed up at her wedding and that wedding got an Oscars award for the best notorious wedding of the year.

Watch Uma Thurman avenge and punish her offenders one by one with no mercy for trying to kill her and ruining her almost perfect life.

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Well it’s an understatement to call this time travel. As they say, there is nothing like the first. Jones and his lover Marion tries to find a lost ark also being sought after by the Nazis in Egypt hoping to get it first.

This throwback movie is one of the most adventurous, brain-teasing movies I have seen.

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The Irishman

This 2019 movie takes a look at the crime world and the principles guiding its success. Franks Sheeran an errand boy of the mafia becomes friends with Jimmy Hoffa, the mafia’s boss. That sounds good because things were beginning to get good, but things got worse when the mafia members no longer saw Frank’s importance. Watch the drama unfold and what the value of friendship means.


A crime love drama that takes a look at life from Danny (Callum Turner) and Ellie (Grace Van Patter) view. Strangers who met after some series of rather strange events occurred, they find out they have quite a lot in common.


There is the animated one unless you’d prefer the movie, anyway it’s almost the same story-line unless you are planning on seeing George of the Jungle.

The Edge of Seventeen

The words to put this movie in, a girl suffering from going through the tense teenager’s life loses her dad and finds out her best friend is hooking up with her elder brother. Combine this with life’s daily struggle and the question, how bad could life get for her? comes up, Well you are about to find out.


From the producers of The Great Wall this 2018 movie promises revenge, action and a lot of suspense. Just diverting a little, please if you haven’t seen The Great Wall, try to, it’s just as interesting.

Ziyu a commander is defeated in a duel against Yang Cang, a fellow commander. This makes him lose a city and his status in the army. Reduced to a common person and at death’s door, a double ganger now has to train and fight in his place.


So what happens if robot lovers or machines, software designed and programmed to assist and make humans fall in love were a thing? Sounds creepy but this movie portrays so many circumstances and situations where falling in love might be the only option. Watch this movie and it will help you redefine love in the best way possible.

Can you fall in love with a robot or software? Those are the questions this movie answers and so much more.

This is my list for the week. It’s not long but these are sure to keep you interested, busy, safe, indoors and not bored. These movies are my personally compiled list. I just went for simple movies, something everyone could watch together (Including Kids, not all) not too classic and blockbuster type of movie but good enough to get our mind through whatever we are going through.

You can’t go to the cinema, so please stay home, relax knowing all will be well, get yourself popcorn and live the cinematic experience these movies bring in your home.

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