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Netflix App- “Hail to one of the best online TV streaming apps in the world, Netflix keeps giving me goosebumps anytime I use it”. That’s what someone told me yesterday, while we were talking about online TV. Netflix’s amount of users is on the rise every day, and the company is doing everything to cater to its ever-increasing customers. The application is just another way to satisfy and meet customer’s needs.

It can be downloaded on all kinds of devices except for MAC devices, if you are using a MAC device you have to use the Netflix website. The Netflix app brings flexibility and ease to movie and TV show streaming. In case you are thinking maybe the desktop version of the app will be better as in most apps. Netflix app brings the same functionality as its PC version to mobile, no difference.

I know most people like Netflix but do not like the fact that you have to subscribe and register to stream, but it’s all about choice. You might prefer the traditional download sites, not bad, but Netflix offers Movies and TV shows at a go in high quality.

netflix app

Netflix App Features

Apart from the fact that it gives you flexibility, the app also presents to you the ability to stream Netflix at a go, anywhere and anytime. There are not many changes from the website version. Its smartness makes it smaller than the website version, you can continue movies anywhere and buffering is quick.

It has every feature including the “Skipping Intro” feature but two extra feature makes it different, Flexibility and Smartness. Imagine having to open your web browser each time you want to use Netflix or getting an emergency call in the middle of a movie. The app solves all these issues

How to Download the Netflix App

For some devices the Netflix app is pre-installed, so all you need do is to click on it and open it.

Downloading the Netflix app is simple and basic. You could always visit the application store of your mobile device i.e for android users, check the Google play store. Type in Netflix on the search bar of your app store and proceed to download when you find the app.

If you are downloading for windows, make sure the windows version is 8 and above. Also, Netflix app does not work well with window 7, you might have to stream Netflix from the web or upgrade your windows version.

If you can’t download Netflix on your device (this is more common with Smart TVs or Media Players) contact Netflix Help center. Better still you could contact your device manufacturers especially if it’s a smart TV to guide or help you. Most smart TVs have an app store, all you have to do is locate the app store and download the app. If you can’t, proceed to contact the manufacturer or an expert.

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