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Netflix India- Netflix has been around for quite a while now, 23 years is quite a number. It started out renting movies, in which subscribers would order a movie and have it delivered to their mailbox. The customers would watch and then pop the movie in an envelope and send back to Netflix. As time went on their services improved.

Soon it moved from single rentals to unlimited rentals and by early 2000, it had millions of subscribers ordering DVDs. The last decade has seen a lot of success from Netflix, not just their DVD orders, but online TV shows and popular exclusive Netflix originals.

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 Why Netflix India

Netflix has been spreading its services and dominating the TV online/offline streaming business, it is available in almost every country in the world. Finally, it reached India. What makes this one special is because it offers more Bollywood movies, so many Indian special and interesting movies available to stream and download.

Distribution rights make it hard for Netflix to provide the same kinds of movies to different regions, so some countries are bound to have more of their country shows and movies on Netflix. That’s the case in India although, Netflix originals and exclusive makeup for this issue.

Netflix Plans In India

Basically Netflix plans are divided into three, the prices may vary in different countries, because of factors such as exchange rate and so on.


This plan offers unlimited access to all shows and as usual 1 month free trial. You can only watch from a screen, i.e from one device only simultaneously in simple or normal viewing quality.

All these for just INR500, this does not sound good, don’t worry, it keeps getting better.


As the name implies, unlimited access to all shows and the usual 1-month free trial. You could watch from 2 screens or devices simultaneously at HD quality.

All these for just INR650 monthly.


At INR800, this plan sounds pretty good and quite affordable depending on your budget. It offers unlimited access to all shows, 1-month free trial, simultaneously streaming from four screens or devices at HD or Ultra HD quality.

The resolution would be perfect and crystal clear. The thing with plans is choosing which one fits your lifestyle and pocket, so choose carefully.

Note that you could cancel at any time and upgrade or degrade your plan. But you would have to do so before your next renewal date reaches. Netflix might automatically renew your subscription from your account.

Also, not all devices can stream Netflix shows, only smart devices (Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Smart TVs, Mobiles either Androids or IOS) that can be connected to the internet can. There are also special requirements to fully enjoy Netflix shows on any device, to check, see this………..

Speaking of data, it is very important not to stream Netflix on limited subscribed data plans, this will incur a lot of charges from your network provider. Try using Wi-Fi or an Unlimited Subscription plan so you won’t have to call the customer care of your service provider over a heart attack.

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