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How to Connect Apple Airpods to Android Device | Pair AirPods to Android

Is it just me or are Airpods the best kind of headphones anyone could have? The more reason most people want to know how to connect apple Airpods to android devices. Because I don’t use an IOS device doesn’t mean I get to miss out on all the amazing features these badass headphones have to… Read More »

How to Mute People On Social Media | Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Messenger and Lots More

Muting people on social media is the best idea you could come up with as blocking might not be such a good one. How to mute people on social media platforms is one of the best questions anyone could ask given how annoying and creepy people could be on social media these days. So here… Read More »

The Pirate Bay Free Download | How to Download Free From The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay Free Download – Popularly known as TPB, this torrent website is a warehouse of the best digital contents for entertainment ranging from music, movies, games, apps, e-files, themes, wallpapers and even erotic videos. Name it, this torrent site founded in 2003 has got it all free and available for download directly to… Read More »

How to See Saved Passwords In Chrome PC | Finding Saved Passwords In Chrome On Windows PC

How to See Saved Passwords In Chrome PC – Chrome isn’t the only browser on Pcs but it’s the most used because of its quality. The browser literally makes browsing easy and simple with attributes that give users the best internet surfing experience. When creating or signing in to an account through the Chrome browser,… Read More »

Mp3 Juice | How to Download Music From Mp3 Juice

Mp3 Juice is a free music download site where anyone could get all kinds of music from whether old or new. It has got a massive storehouse of music in which users could browse through and download music freely directly to their device. There are lots of websites that function the same way as Mp3… Read More »