Latest Helix Facebook Messenger Jumpy Jumpy Game Cheat And Hack

Helix Facebook Messenger Jumpy Jumpy Game is in the puzzle and strategy category of Facebook Messenger games with more than nine million players. Helix Messenger Jumpy Jumpy is an easy yet challenging one-touch game where you must move the tower to guide the ball from falling on the lemon patch. The lemon patch is the danger zone and should not be touched.

Our Helix Facebook Messenger Jumpy Jumpy cheats would show you how to survive this dangerous and cunny descent. Helix Jumpy Jumpy game is really challenging, so get ready and set for anything. This Helix Facebook Messenger Jumpy Jumpy game cheat would show you everything you need to get through the tower, get a high score and makes your ball immortal at the same time!

Jumpy Jumpy Game

Everything You Need To Know About Helix Facebook Messenger Jumpy Jumpy Game

Aim For The Combo Platform

Your main objective in Helix Facebook Messenger Jumpy Jumpy game is to descend through the ring platform without touching the danger zone. Points are gotten each time you successfully pass any platform.

You would get multiple points if you can successfully pass through multiple platforms without touching any of the platforms. The greater your combo, the larger your multiplier. If you can get through four or so platforms in one go, you would be getting a huge bonus point.

Relax And Take Your Time

The reason why most people fail is that they are in a hurry to descend through the ring platform. I always tell my friends to relax when playing; there is no time count. Your ball would continue to bounce at one spot until you’re ready to go down. I would recommend you take it slowly and move from one platform at a time, concentrating.

Note that when you pass through multiple platforms to get your combo going, your ball will ignite and move at a faster rate. If you hit any platform in this state, you’ll smash the platform and automatically drop down to the next platform after a single bounce. Most people have failed cause they weren’t ready, so watch out.

Helix Facebook Messenger Jumpy Jumpy Game Cheat

Jumpy Jumpy Cheat Messenger

If you’re playing this game using the Facebook Messenger App on your phone, most people would complain of Ads. I know the Ads are too much, but you can use it to your advantage. Once you fail, Facebook Messenger allows you to continue, all you’ve to do is watch the Ads.

Helix Jumpy Jumpy Cheat PC

Open all balls – XbDb21Uh  # HJ

Stop Ads – JRE1M8af  #  HJ

Keep on playing the game from the point of fall (code for immortality) – N4bsjwYx  #  HJ

Using these tricks listed above, you would be able to go where only a few have been to. Ensure you screenshot your score and show it to your friends.

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