The Pirate Bay Free Download | How to Download Free From The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay Free Download – Popularly known as TPB, this torrent website is a warehouse of the best digital contents for entertainment ranging from music, movies, games, apps, e-files, themes, wallpapers and even erotic videos. Name it, this torrent site founded in 2003 has got it all free and available for download directly to… Read More »

Google Play Music Being Replaced by YouTube Music | How to Save Your Data On Google Play Music

Google has announced that they are gradually going to shut down Google Play Music, the Music store on Google play and Music manager soon. Music manager will be the first to be shut down followed by the music store on Google play which will be shut down in mid-August. Then December will witness the final… Read More »

Trump Bans US Business with Tik Tok & WeChat Owners

President Trump signed two executive orders against two Chinese based social media apps Tik Tok and WeChat late on Thursday giving the same reasons India did as regards U.S national security. The ban was orchestrated in a way to prevent the companies that owned the social media apps, ByteDance and Tencent from doing most business… Read More »

Windows Photo Viewer Alternative | 7 Best Alternatives to Window Photo Viewer

A reviewed list of the best windows photo viewer alternative. Tested and trusted alternatives that are picked to satisfy any user. Using Windows OS PC or computer has its advantages but also comes with a lot of troubles such as a photo viewer. Having issues with your photo viewer be it Windows or any other… Read More »