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Facebook Buy and Sell Group | How to Use Facebook Buy & Sell Groups

Facebook Buy and Sell Group- Facebook has some unique features for businesses, so unique, not every regular social media platform does have them. Groups on Facebook are formed by people with almost or the same kinds of interest at heart. Those interests can be movies, music, food, special collections, and so on. Facebook has different… Read More »

Facebook Restricted List | How to Add a Friend to Your Facebook Restriction List

Facebook Restricted List – Being on Facebook means you have to be social and being social warrants sharing of information to an extent. Most of our friends on Facebook are recommended to us by Facebook based on our activities on Facebook. An average Facebook user gets up to 3 – 5 friends requests a week… Read More »

Facebook Live | How to Go Live On Facebook

Facebook has lots of features that just make using the software fun and relaxing, Facebook live is one of those features. If we take a rigid look at it, most features are developed to make communication between users on any topic easy and fascinating. It’s no wonder Facebook is the best social media software with… Read More »