– Netnaija movies | | Movies – Netnaija offers you the latest music, videos, news, and many more just for your entertainment. is not a very popular site and it is not known by many people.

This article will provide insight on everything you need to know about Netanija, keep reading to know more about the site. | is one of the best sites as I earlier stated for people who are looking for interesting videos, news, and music.

Netnaija site is all about entertainment, technology, educating their audience, web/wap masters and also finance. Categories

Here are some categories that you will find on Netnaija site when you go looking for any form of entertainment.

  • Forum
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Movies
  • Tv series
  • Netnaija Nollywood movies
  • Netnaija Nigeria movies

The above are some of the categories you can find when you visit official website.

Netnaija forum

This category is one of a kind the Netnaija forum is all about topics that leave readers amazed and thrilled. This is where you will find all the hot gist topics and users are allowed to comment and share their own opinion after reading something interesting from the Netnaija forum.

The Netnaija forum is where you find the latest updates on juicy topics, and funny topics users can interact with and share opinions after reading.

 Netnaija Music offers several kinds of music for you to download from the Netnaija site. Here are some of the music categories you will find on Netnaija:

  • African music
  • Gospel music
  • Upcoming artist musics
  • Blues music
  • Foreign music
  • High life & old school music
  • Instrumental musics
  • Religious sermon
  • Audio comedy

Netnaija Music Videos

Under the Netnaija music video categories, you will find the currently trending musics videos and you can download or stream online from the Netnaija official website.

How to Download Music on

Follow the steps below to download your favourite music on the Netnaija platform:

  • Access the Netnaija official website at www.Netnaija.Com
  • Access the homepage and tap on the music link
  • You will see several latest trending music for you to select from
  • Select the preferred music you wish to download from the Netnaija website to your mobile device
  • After selecting your preferred music, scroll down and select the download link and you will be redirected to another one
  • Click on the download now button to proceed with your music download

Your music will automatically download to your mobile device. Videos

The Netnaija has a very interesting and latest videos that will blow your mind, here the list of some of the videos you can find on Netnaija platforms.

  • Comedy videos
  • Music videos
  • Foreign music videos gospel videos
  • Movies
  • Nollywood movies
  • Tech videos
  • Sport videos
  • Video news

Download videos on

If you want to download any videos from Netnaija, follow the steps below:

  • Access the Netnaija official website
  • Click on Video on your homepage
  • Select any preferred video if your choice, and then click on it
  • You will be redirected to another page where you can proceed to download your preferred video to your mobile device

Netnaija Movies

You can download several action movies from the, all you need to do is select movies from the Netnaija homepage and you will be faced with several options.

Download Movies on

Here is how you download movies on

  • Access the Netnaija official site
  • Click on video, on the Netnaija homepage
  • Select the movie category, click on it
  • Select your preferred movie, you will redirected to another page
  • Scroll down, and click on the download button below the alternative link
  • Tap on the download now that has the size of the movie you want to download
  • Your movie will automatically download to your device.

Netnaija TV series

You can easily use the search bar on the Netnaija homepage and search for the series you wish to download, and then follow the steps below to download netnaija Tv series.

How to Download TV series

  • Access the netnaija official website
  • Search for the series you want to download, or you select tv series from the video category
  • Click on the tv series you wish to download
  • Scroll below and select the download button
  • Proceed to download to your mobile device

Categories of New on Netnaija

Here are some of the News categories on Netnaija

  • Sports news
  • Politics news
  • Celebrity

The above are the news categories you will find on the Netnaija.

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