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Facebook Security Settings, is put in place by Facebook to help you protect your account. Facebook Security Settings enables you to explore ways to increase your account security as you use extra features to ensure your account is secured.

These features put in place by Facebook helps users coordinate and control how they feel their Facebook presence. It also helps to effectively manage and protect your Facebook presence from all kinds of actions; you deem as unpleasant or harmful.

Facebook Security Settings

How to Change Facebook Security Settings

To change Facebook security settings;

  • Tap at the top right of any Facebook page, and choose “Settings”.
    • Next, in the left column, tap on “Timeline and Tagging”.
    • After that search for the setting “Who can see posts you’ve been tagged in on your Timeline?”.
    • Then, tap on “Edit” to the far right.

Facebook incorporates some privacy settings, from which you can easily control who can view your status and access your private details.

Facebook Security Privacy Settings

Password Protect

Resetting your password enables you to set a strong password for your Facebook account. To do this;
• Scroll to the “Settings” menu, which is the drop-down menu from the downward-pointing arrow. Located at the top right corner.
• Next, in the left column, tap on “Security and login”. Tap on the option marked, “Edit”, to the right of “Change Password”.
• Key in your current password, to intimate Facebook, that you are making a change.
• Key in your new password, by selecting a combination of capital letters and numbers. You are advised not to use the same password for your email, Internet banking, or shopping accounts.

Limit Access

With Limit access, you can limit who sees your Facebook posts and personal info. To do this;
• Click on the downwards facing arrow at the top right-hand corner, and tap on “Settings”.
• On posts, ensure it is only limited to “Friends” and press on “Next”.
• Check also on which Apps people can see, and what profile information is public. If you prefer, ensure your personal information, is set to “Only Me”. Tap on “Finish”.
• Alternatively, tap on the downwards arrow, at the top right-hand corner, and tap “Settings”. Tap on “Privacy” in the left-hand column and under “Your Activity” search for “who can see my future posts”. It should read “Friends”, change if it doesn’t. If it reads “Public”, it implies everything you post, is shared with the entire internet.
• To gain extra control, you are to choose “More Options”, and choose “More”, from the drop-down. Proceed to click on “Specific friends”. With this, you specify individuals you don’t want to share your Facebook posts with.


If you desire to tag people in a post to intimate them that you’ve posted something related to them,
• Tap on their face, and key in their name into the text field that pops up. If your tagging in a standard post, tap the person icon and key in their name.

Removing Tags

How To remove tags;

  • Tap on the photo and tap on “Options” at the rear of the page, thereafter, “Remove Tag”. This will enable you to untag yourself.

How To Review Posts

To review posts;
• Scroll to the “Settings” menu, and tap on “Timeline and Tagging” in the left column.
• Under “Review and Review posts that you’re tagged in before the posts appear on your timeline?” Tap on the “Edit” button and tap on “Enabled”.
Once you enable this option, you’ll see everything you’re tagged in before it goes live on your timeline. Then you can choose whether or not to let it.

Search Engines & Likes

Use search engines, to link your timeline in search results. To do this;
• Scroll to “Settings” (through the down-facing arrow, at the top right-hand corner) and tap on “Privacy”.
• Under the “Who can look me up” option, you’ll see “Do you want other search engines to link to your Timeline”?
• Click on “Edit”, and “No”, to disable it. From here, you can also choose who sees your email address and phone number. The default setting is set to “Everyone”, so you can limit it to just friends.

App Information

Some mobile apps request permission to your Facebook account. They include Spotify, Xbox Live, and the Facebook app, etc. Find out what personal information they can access. To do this;
• Tap on the downward arrow menu, and tap on “Settings.” Then “Apps” from the left menu.
• A list of the apps you use, will be displayed, tap one to find out what information it handles. You are to untick anything you’re not comfortable with.
• Some apps, won’t grant you access to untick everything. If this is the case, you should consider deleting the app by hovering over the name until a cross pops up. Tap on the cross, and confirm that you want to get rid of it by tapping the blue “Remove” tab.

Facebook Security Settings offers different ways from which you can secure your account. Depending on what you wish to ensure is keep yours exclusively.

Get started on it today, and block all unauthorized access and activities to your account.

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