Coronavirus Games- Addictive and Challenging Games

If game developers knew about the coming of coronavirus, I guess they will have developed and created games that will somehow keep people home and take their minds off the virus. Since the virus hit us, almost everyone has concentrated more on the virus, forgetting any other thing exists.

At this rate some people might end up dead not because of the virus but because of the fear of the virus. Hence we need a source of entertainment that will take our minds off what is happening around us.

coronavirus games

Games to Take Us Through Coronavirus Period.

It’s a tough time for everyone, whether you are stuck at home or the coronavirus issue is scaring you. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with the best addictive games available.

Word Games

  • Words Story

One of the most addictive word game on PC. You have to break out of jail using your words skills and some other stuff. A prison break-out game that involves words, how good could your day become?

  • Free Words

A scrabble kind of game, challenge time and rearrange letters to form as many different words as you can.

  • Word Smashing

A puzzle kind of game where you move letters about to form words thereby creating a smashing effect on the puzzle. The more of this you do, the more space you create and the closer you are to winning.

  • Words with Friends 2

One of the most exquisite, most interesting and social games ever.

  • Word Link

Action Games

  • GTA V

While waiting for GTA VI, we might as well take time back and relive the moments of one of the best action games ever. Playing this game is basically like going through life activities, so real and adventurous. Since life seems to be at a halt, for now, we could try playing this game and believe everything will soon be as it should be.

  • Call Of Duty

Whether you play this game via a mobile device, PC or a PlayStation, the experience is just addictive. It’s so easy yet so hard, so many modes and campaigns to complete. This is one of those games with a copy and paste with improvements effect on each version of the game.

  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition

If you’ve never heard of the Minecraft game, the PC version. I am sure you must have heard of the Java Version. This game has is compatible with all mobile devices, challenging but not frustrating. The perfect time consumer.

  • Alto’s Odyssey

Compatible with both IOS and Android devices, it has unique art and gorgeous display. If you like temple run or subway surf I think you’d like this one. This game might not be free.

  • Shadowgun Legends

A mobile game with beautiful and very clean graphics. Its gameplay and controls are very easy to understand. One of the best mobile shooting action game.

  • PUBG (Player Unknown’s BattleUndergrounds)

Apparently, this is the best PC online game. Apart from the hard to look past enticing graphics, its gameplay and online platforms are out of this world.

There is also the very interesting Plant VS Zombie and Super Mario in case you really miss the old times.


  • FIFA Mobile, FIFA 19 OR FIFA 20 (For PC and Mobile)
  • PES 2018, 2019 or 2020 (For PC and Mobile)
  • GRID Autosport (For Mobile only)

An ad(s) free game with a very unique car racing gameplay, although the game is not entirely free but I think it’s worth its price.

  • NBA 2K18 (For Mobile Only)

One of the best basketball games ever. It has a single-player mode where you get to build a particular player or a team where you get to build your team season in and out.

  • Football Manager 2020 (For PC and Mobile)

Manage your designated football team season in and out. Face all the challenges managers face and go through with their squads and team management. It poses the same challenges PES or FIFA Master League does just better and wider.

  • WWE 2K20 (For PC and Mobile)

The latest franchise of one of the biggest sports category on earth. Wrestling games have never done it better, the successor of 2K19, this is for the wrestling fans.

  • Forza Motorsport 7

Have heard people say this is the best PC racing game they’ve ever played, don’t really know how true that is. But I do know the graphics and gameplay are extremely cool and superb.

  • NFS Heat

Imagine combining the regular car racing activities with normal realistic street life, mechanics and police chase. Race with drivers who’d take away your cars, money and spit on your reputation if you lose. This is the perfect PC Racing game.

With time every season pass, it not really good out there but with these coronavirus games, times are surely going to pass. It’s not really about winning or losing, just play to catch fun and improve your view of everything.

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