Best Game to Keep You At Home During The Coronavirus Season

At moments like this where boredom can become a family member, we need a constant source of entertainment. To my experience there is just nothing more intriguing and time-consuming like games. In this article we are going to look at some of the best mobile and PC games to keep you at home.

best game to keep you at home


Best Games For Mobile

Basically, I’d advise gaming on a PlayStation or X-box or something of the sort but not everybody has that luxury or time. Not to worry there are mobile games that will keep you praying for a long-lasting battery.

  • Call OF Duty Mobile

I know, “who doesn’t know the hall of fame FPS game, I think it’s better on a PC or Playstation”. Trust me, this game is just as cool on a mobile phone. It has every feature as that of a PC or PlayStation. It’s like a double personality of the game was created, a version perfectly created to fit a mobile device.

  • Final Fantasy Series

    (Brave Exvius)

We all know about the final fantasy series of games, excuse me to use these words. Madly interesting storylines. The Brave Exvius is the latest series of the game on mobile with very interesting and progressive developing storyline. You start out with a particular character, as time goes on and you keep moving on and you unlock characters and stuff that are more interesting.

  • Pokemon Go

You are stuck at home and you can’t go anywhere. You know what I think? If you somehow control something to move and go anywhere, it might just make you feel better. Pokemon Go is a reality game where you go places doing Pokemon stuff.

  • Asphalt 9: Legends

As the name implies this is a legendary racing game. The latest installment of the Asphalt series.  Go into the world of unbelievable and stunt racing. Cars and graphics meant to beat your imagination and create crave in you for racing games.

  • Need For Speed: No Limits

Almost like asphalt but more street like, Crazy cars and rough kind of races. You tend to create a kind of reputation on the game for yourself depending on your activities and your style of racing.

For my ever loyal football fans, I’d recommend the latest versions of the dream league soccer which has a free in-app purchase. You might decide to go for the PES or FIFA mobile, just we all know PES and FIFA sometimes are better on PC or PlayStations.

Best Games On PC

If you can’t afford a Playstation or X-box at the moment this is the closest to that experience you’d get. PC games are developed to keep you gaming and glued to your system.

Also note that I will be indicating some Playstation or X-Box game along the way, so tight and choose.

  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Also available on Playstation 4 and X-box One, this PC game is the true definition of a star war storyline. At first the game was thought to be another of EA sports worse but took everyone off their seats. This is one action-filled game you don’t want to miss on.

  • Hitman 2

I don’t know if it’s the movie or I just have a personal crush on this game. This is one my game prescription to any gamer whether you are new to the business or not.

  • Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

Personally I’d advise you just start playing any call of duty series you get your hand on since it seems we’ll be home for quite a while. But I’d also advise you try to get the black ops reboot call of duty game. Either way just live the Call of Duty moments. I don’t need to mention that this game is available for Playstations and Xbox.

  • Forza Horizon 4

One of the best PC racing games I have ever come across. If you are into racing, trust me, you’d like this.

  • Hollow Knight

This is for the Nintendo fans. Starting this game at first, I thought It was a little bit awkward, with time I got glued.

  • PES / FIFA

I know some gamers that don’t play any other thing apart from football. So in case you decide to go back in time don’t go any backward than 2017. Most people might advise playing FIFA giving different reasons. Left to me play anyone, both games are created by different developers aimed at different kinds of users. So choose depending on your kind of gaming and what you think will keep you glued more.

Also available on PlayStations and X-box. There is also the Football Manager 2019, the holidays have never been better.

  • Dark Souls 3

Well if you are getting bored of The Witcher, get this game. An RPG game that combines unique storytelling abilities with action, magic and undefined mystery.

There are so many games you could kill time and boredom with, as much as I’d like to go on, let’s stop here. You could get any of the mobile games on your mobile application store. For the PC games, visit or check out any popular game site.

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