How to Be Convinced You Need a Linux or Windows OS

Linux or Windows, a comparison of two very massive operating systems with very similar functions. Basically, both of them functions almost the same way since they were created to serve almost the same kind of users but with similarities comes differences.

We are going to look at those differences and carefully expatiate them below.

Windows Operating System

An operating system made for PC, Computer or desktops devices. The first version of Windows OS was developed in 1985 as an extension of MS-DOS by Microsoft. It has a Graphical User Interface which enables us to communicate with our Desktop or Computer devices.

linux or windows

Linux Operating System

An open operating system based on the concept of UNIX, a family of multi-tasking and multi-user operating systems. Linux also has the GUI feature and was developed in 1991. It also comes with desktops, PC, Computers or mobile devices but is mostly used as servers for web pages.

Although most mobile devices and Computer factories would prefer installing a Windows-based OS than a Linux OS. Practically I’d prefer a Linux OS to a Windows OS. Not just because of its Open system way of operating, but its security, uniqueness and versatility.

Differences Between Windows OS and Linux OS

  • Linux is an open system OS. This means users can edit and customize the OS according to their needs. Unlike the Windows whose source code is only accessible to selected users.
  • Microsoft licensing or terms and conditions of use are against users modifying the OS unlike the Linux OS.
  • Linux is a very complicated OS to utilize and install but solve complex issues with ease. The Windows OS is very easy to install but does not solve complex issues at ease like Linux.
  • When it comes to Support Groups, I prefer Linux OS. They have large support forums, platforms, websites and so on. Windows do the same stuff but I guess because of Linux complication and fame among people, the Linux support system seems better.
  • When it comes to running hardware devices. Linux is more reliable because of its strictness. They kill programs, find and fix bugs on a single command. Unlike Windows which takes multiple commands to shut down a program and are targets for malware developers.
  • And we all can testify about Windows update issues. Updates coming up at inconvenient times, updating and getting different issues with your system. Linux updates are done at a specified time and there are little or no issues after updates.

Everyone would judge “Linux OS is better than Windows OS”, that’s true but to a particular fault. Windows are used mostly by all kinds of devices making it a target not just for malware and virus developers but also for its developers.

It’s your choice, left to your needs and what would fit your lifestyle better.

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