How to Check Blog Compression: GZIP Enabled

For every good site or blog speed is a necessary variable and the speed of anything honestly depends on its weight or size. When you search for some information online using any browser, the browser proceeds to get that information from servers.

In doing so it loads up everything related to what you asked of and the process is meant to take a very short amount of time.

When your page has answers relating to what was asked, there might be issues loading your site information to the browser because its heavy. Hence the importance of Blog Compression.

check blog compression

How to Check If Your Blog is Compressed

Before you go on compressing your blog or website, try checking on it first following these easy steps;

  • You could use the online gzip compression test.
  • Visit and go to the Gzip compression test.
  • Enter the webpage address and get the results.

Https Compression Test

  • Visit
  • Locate the URL compression test and enter the page’s web address or URL.
  • The compressibility test result will be out in no time.

SEO Gzip Compression test

  • Visit gzip compression.
  • Enter your Domain name correctly and wait for the result.
      In Browsers (Chrome, Firefox)

    • In the Developer’s tool of the browser, navigate to the Network Tab and reload the page.
    • A list of all the files fetched, choose from the list of pages which one you want to check.
    • And then on the Headers tab, check for the Response Headers tab.
    • Under the Response Headers tab, you would find the compression details.

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