Best Facebook Games You Should Play: Facebook for Games

Social gaming is becoming a thing amongst us, practically it sounds like a good idea. Facebook seems to be pushing that new idea to a whole new level. Having to play games on Facebook is cool, what’s cooler is having to play with friends.

facebook for games

Steps to Play Games On Facebook

Must Play Games On Facebook Games

If you are going to choose from the number of games on Facebook Games, you have to start somewhere. This is the part where I give you the best games to try out when you navigate to games for Facebook.

  • Texas Hold ‘EM Poker

Don’t be scared if you are new to gambling because you are going to start the game with some free chips. Play in tournaments to win chips and coins and there are also bonus rounds where you could just be lucky.

  • Words with Friends

I love word games but I love scrabble games more. This game is everything a word game needs to be, you have to use the letters you’ve got and the ones on the table to form words.

The games also have stats recorder that takes note of your wins, losses or even the complexity of the words you formed. Imagine playing this game with friends on Facebook.

  • YoVille

A virtual world where you get to build your home and lifestyle. Building anything needs money and making money needs work, this game brings out the fun in working. You could also go visiting your friend’s home, which just very nice.

  • Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars creates a world where power tussle, war, crime and never-ending action is the order of the day. It’s like a GTA version of Facebook game. You have to compete with other Facebook gamers in becoming the best of the best mafia.

  • Criminal Case

Well, this game is going to question your detective abilities as you work for the Police and help find clues that will send criminals to jail.

Most Facebook users testify how good this game is when it comes to improving and challenging their thinking.

  • Top Eleven: Be a Football Manager

Go through the daily hustle of becoming a manager, sell and buy players, change playing styles, formation and so on. You could challenge your friends to simulated matches and as they say, Football is a game of luck.

  • FarmVille 2

You might not have a Farm in reality, why not have one virtually. Experience the life of a Farmer, sow your seeds, watch and put efforts into the growth of your farm and sell your produce.

The goal is to be the best, so create a thriving and growing farm.

  • Know It All Trivia

You think you are smart and intelligent, what happens when Facebook pits you against your friends who are just as smart. Answer questions and show just how smart you are.

There you have it, a personal prescription of games to check out on Facebook games.

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