Welcome To a Fresh Simpler Facebook | Switching to the New Facebook

Welcome To a Fresh Simpler Facebook- A lot has changed around town and Facebook seems to be one of them, changing quite a lot about its social media platform. With change, come improvements. Basically, Facebook is creating a better interface for its users. Most of these changes are very quite new to the desktop version of Facebook.

Almost every time an improvement comes up on Facebook, it’s either a new feature, a simple change, a much-anticipated feature, or small editings. This time, there is something different about these changes.

Apparently, Facebook changed almost every common feature we use every day, more like they gave us a new updated version, Facebook 2.0. Call it what you want but check out the new features.

welcome to a new simpler facebook

New Facebook Updated Features

I know we must have seen many Facebook updates and get disappointed because we expect so much from Facebook, we expect too much sometimes. But let’s give our expectations a break for some moments and take a look at these new updates;

  • A new group feature that allows you to discover new groups at a go. This is done by categorizing groups into different areas.
  • If you use Facebook for business and marketing transactions, this is for you. Facebook has updated its Marketplace feature making it look more like Amazon. There is now a shipping option available, location or distance is no longer a marketplace barrier. Users can now buy and sell items by paying directly on Facebook.
  • I am guessing that most people already know of the free to use Facebook Dating site. Where you have to create a secret account. It now has some new cool updates, also note that to use this feature you must be 18 and above and have a Facebook account.
  • There is also the new messenger interface. Apart from the recent feature, dark mode, messenger seems to have a very clean interface. More like that of Whatsapp, only showing friends who sent messages on your chat list. “Stories” are above as usual and when you click on the “People” icon below, a page with Friends that are active or online and Stories pops up.

Desktop/ PC Updates

  • Facebook has been working on a revamped, new, less congested version of its platform for desktop. Guess what? It’s out. All of the features are on the left side of the screen.
  • At the left is the Home menu and at the top are the icons (features like marketplace, groups, messenger, notifications, watch and so on).
  • The messenger icon is just at the top when you get a message, it signals you, click on it and the conversation pops out. You could literarily reply chats anywhere on Facebook.
  • Going through Facebook newsfeed can be quite boring sometimes especially when it’s become like a tradition. Facebook stories solve this issue, the new PC layout makes Facebook stories more prominent. Unlike the usual circular shape, it now has a new rectangular one.

Switching to the New Facebook

Usually, Facebook notifies users when there are updates. If there are no notifications of updates or instructions on how to switch to the new Facebook, follow these easy steps to do so;

  • Login to your Facebook account and click on the drop-down menu at the top of the page.
  • Scroll until you see “Switch to the new Facebook” option and click on it.
  • In case you feel the need to switch back, follow the same steps.

The new Facebook update might not be all about having new features and anticipated changes but about layout changes. Facebook edited its user interface and these changes might just be the next game-changer for certain people as we welcome you to a fresh simpler Facebook.

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