Facebook Messenger Games With Friends | How to Play Games on Messenger

Facebook Messenger Games- Facebook and Messenger application are two different apps, most people prefer staying online messaging and chatting with friends than viewing or creating posts. If you are on Facebook surfing or browsing posts and you get bored, you could try out Facebook games.

Facebook Messenger Games With Friends

What if you are on the Messenger app? Yes, there are also games there which we will explain and guide you on them in this content. To see these games, you need to visit the gaming section on the Messenger application. Follow these steps;

  • Locate and tap on the game controller looking icon.
  • Click on the Start Playing button.
  • Select any game from the numbers of games by tapping on the Play button.

Must Facebook Messenger Games

  • Everwing

Have you ever imagined what it’d be like if you were a fairy? Everwing Facebook Messenger Games could just help you. Travel into strange lands and battle demons while earning coins.

  • Tetris

Teris Facebook Messenger Games – Use colored blocks dropping from above to build stuff. Tap on the blocks to change their positions while they are falling and slide them to make them drop into the position you want.

  • Uno

UNO Facebook Messenger Games – Remember that card game where you have to exhaust the cards on you before your opponents win. Well, it’s now on messenger, it also has that special pick two or three-card effect.

  • Ludo King

Another homemade game brought to the Facebook Messenger Games. It has the same concept as the Ludo game, can be played by four people. Four boxes containing four-piece each, to win move all your pieces around once and get into the little box in the middle of the four boxes.

  • Space Invaders

Facebook Messenger Games brought a classic to the show to the cinema. Fight in space and protect yourself from invaders. Shoot them all down, we are taking no prisoners.

  • Golden Boots

Golden Boots Facebook Messenger Games – In this football game, you have to aim to score. It’s like taking a penalty or free-kick, just that as you advance in the game, it becomes harder to beat the keeper.

  • Daily Sudoku

I think the concept behind Messenger games is to bring real-life games to its application. Enjoy the fast-paced Sudoku experience on Messenger, fill in all the empty boxes to win.

  • Ninja Go

You are in a Ninja black and blue world and the aim is to collect some tiny dots scattered randomly, and also avoid obstacles, and don’t die while doing it. To move in a direction, swipe in that specified direction.

  • Stone Dash

Quite similar to candy crush, just replace the candies with stones. Blow-ups tones by arranging them according to their colors. You could perform a combo by continuously blowing up stones with every move you make.

  • Snake Attack

In this game, like the legendary snake game on the Nokia 3310 you have to grow your snake. Do this by eating the farm produce on the colored farm and avoiding getting eaten by bigger snakes.

  • Chess

Improve your I.Q with this one, think strategically and be creative to win. There are different modes to play and you could also play against random strangers online in case you don’t find your friends.

  • Angry Birds

If you haven’t seen the movie, you must have heard of or played the game. You have to shoot some angry birds at green pigs on an island using a big catapult. Be guided on which pigs to kill so you don’t end up killing the wrong ones.

  • Galaga

You don’t like aliens and you want them dead, well here is your chance. Navigate your spaceship to dodge attacks from aliens while shooting them, continue until you win, there is no room for failure.

  • Words with Friends

Ending my list, one of the best word games on messenger. Test just how good you are with forming words against friends in this scrabble-like game. Use the letters on you to form words and gain points depending on the words you formed and on the kinds of boxes the letters get into.

These games have simple controls, most if not all just use the swipe or touch screen technique for movements. Furthermore, most if not all the games on Messenger can be played with friends, games like the Ludo King and Words with Friends can be played with as many as 2-3 friends.

Facebook Messenger changed its user interface recently. Instead of the normal crowded Messenger app, it looks more like Whatsapp so finding the games should be easy. Navigate to any of these messenger games now and thank me later, do not hesitate.

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