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Welcome to Fresh New Facebook – Honestly, Facebook has been losing its popularity and uniqueness recently due to a lot of things. One of those things is its look and interface and Facebook has taken note of this and made the necessary changes.

These changes Facebook’s new outlook are the topics we are going to take a look at as we welcome you to a fresh new Facebook.

I know we must have heard or seen some of these features, but I am also sure that there are some we haven’t heard of.

This new look might not be evident on Facebook’s mobile version but on its PC or desktop Version. Hence if you visit Facebook via your PC or Desktop, get ready, Facebook is changing.

welcome to a fresh new facebook

Some New Features on Facebook

I might not list all but the exciting ones are certainly here.

A New Facebook Homepage

Every Menu has been moved to the left side i.e Friends, Applications, and so on. The News Feed looks more clean and comprehensible with the What’s on your mind box at the top. The Menu is not as jam-packed as it used to be, some things like settings, profile, have been moved to the very top of the Facebook home page.

Just imagine this layout, it promises to look a whole lot better.

Publishing or Creating Contents

As I earlier mentioned, the What’s on your mind box still sits at its position with some little shift adjustment. It also has some new editing updates just below the box. Posting content or pictures on Facebook will become more of an art, hence it’s a question of how creative you are.

News Feed

This I might say is one of the most relevant parts of Facebook, it’s one place that connects everyone on Facebook. As the name suggests the News Feed will be doing a lot more than bringing your Facebook friend’s posts to your screen.

It will bring news updates around the world, celebrities’ posts, what’s trending and so on. Since your posts are going to the News Feed, you could interact with other people’s posts the way you want them to with yours.

Being able to Control Your News Feed in Seconds

Basically, if you got tired of seeing someone’s post, you have to go to settings and do some privacy settings adjustments. Now you could control the kind of posts you see and from whom just at the menu on the left-hand side.

This menu filters post based on location, friend list, people you regularly connect with or people whose activities on your post are high and vice versa.

Profile page New Look

The Profile has almost the same design as the Home Page, which means it’s just as clean and comprehensible. With your Profile picture tab appearing at the side just close to the posts, it’s like an arranged room.

There is a New Discovery Section

This place brings suggestions, alarms, birthday notifications, events and notes that you don’t want to miss out on.

Messenger New Look

Why Whatsapp is one of the best messaging apps in the world is because of its security features, flexibility, and especially its simple outlook. Facebook’s Messenger has changed its outlook, trust me it screams the word, Simple.

Messenger now has a very comprehensible outlook with messages showing on the first page. Friends that are active or online and stories show on the next.

There are so many more new features that promise to give Facebook users a great new experience, these ones alone are very nice. If somehow you don’t have a Facebook account, please create and experience the new Facebook feeling. Like I said, get ready, I have the feeling Facebook is just starting.

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