Facebook Messenger Now Has Custom QR Codes On Facebook Pay

Facebook Messenger peer-to-peer payment feature; Facebook pay just acquired a new boost. The feature now supports QR codes and a personalized links payment system.

With this new feature, Facebook pay users can use their unique QR codes and links to request or pay a payment. Payments apps have been making waves, their technology makes it easy and cost-effective to send money to people whether it’s a friend, family member or as payment for a service.

Facebook Messenger Now Has Custom QR Codes On Facebook Pay

What does this mean for the Facebook Community?

Facebook pay has every feature to be regarded as a good payment app but good won’t get the social media giant so far when you consider just how many peer to peer payment services are available and the uniqueness of each one’s services. This is a step to move the Facebook pay feature to another level.

Facebook made it clear that the QR codes on Facebook pay functions regardless of your friendship status on Facebook. Consequently, making it easier to pay for items purchased on the Facebook marketplace. It also kills the need for a third-party payment app when using the Facebook marketplace.

Newly Added Features on Facebook Messenger

Alongside the QR codes and personalized link added to the Facebook pay tool, Facebook also announced a new set of sponsored chat themes for its messaging app. Furthermore, there’s also a new message bar that makes it easier to reply to shared images faster.

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