10 Movies to Stream On Netflix Now | Netflix Movies to See 2021

Movies to Stream On Netflix Now – It’s the beginning of a new year and as usual the movie industry is slow with releasing movies. So many blockbusters movies are going to be released this year but might be delayed due to the pandemic.

While we wait patiently and eagerly expecting movies whose release might be postponed, we could do with a little dessert. Here are some of the best movies on Netflix now, super relaxing, exciting, and thrilling.

10 Movies to Stream On Netflix Now | Netflix Movies to See 2021

10 Movies to Stream On Netflix Now

Warning: The details below are not entirely made to be spoilers but have the traits to be. Thus do not go through the review of the movie if you can’t deal with a little preamble.

Outside the Wire

Just like the classic future tech kind of movies where humans put the fate of the world in the hand of robots and advanced machines. Looking for an action movie with a human vs robot show-off, here’s the perfect one.

The future brings the U.S into a battle against the Russians over Ukraine. As the war produces too many casualties, war machines are created to even the playing field. The controversial decisions of a drone pilot (Damson Idris) send him on a mission to work with one of the war machines (Anthony Mackie; Falcon from the Avengers).

Non-stop action in this one. The movie explores the possibility of humans and robot soldiers working together to achieve an aim.

Seventh Son

Another action packed unrealistic movie, just this one talks about the past and witches instead of the future and robots. Directed by Sergei Bodrov and released in 2014, this movie made quite an entrance into the box office on its release.

After losing many of his apprentices, an expert old master witch hunter; John (Timothy Webber) must find a new apprentice in pursuit of a very dangerous past witch foe. He does find a new apprentice (Ben Barnes) but things aren’t looking well for them as their witch foe amasses more power by the minute.

Witch hunting hasn’t gotten much fun than this since Hansel and Gretel.

Squared Love

Let’s talk about love and leave the action part alone for a moment. Ever fallen in love with someone so much that they make you perceive a different layout of your life.

A charming celebrity journalist (Mateusz Banasiuk), well known for his playboy act falls heads in love over a mysterious model (Adrianna Chlebicka) with double personalities. This makes him begin to revalidate his playboy and womanizing life choices as he aims to become a better man just to suit his love.

The things we do for love, funny right?

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before: Always and Forever

Still talking about love, the third installment in this romantic drama is sure to keep you glued to your screen as its predecessors did. Another story about Lara Jean (Lana Condor) in high school, what could possibly go wrong?

Senior year high school, students are buzzing, everyone is getting ready for college while planning their fun last days in high school. Lara, who just returned from a family trip to Korea is working on her plans for college which might somehow not involve Peter (Noah Centineo).

You might not grasp the movie if you go at it from here, so why not try out a To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before movie marathon.  The one released in 2018 and 2020 (I still love you).


I love heists, do you love heists? If yes, this is the right series for you. Yeah, TV series not a movie, it’s the only one of its kind on this list. Think of it as more of a bonus. Speaking of heists, do you also know the intriguing Money Heist TV series next season might be out soon?

This movie narrates the tale of the famous French master heist man and master of disguise, Arsene Lupin in another character played by Omar Sy. Set on revenge for an unjust act on his Father, there is just no stopping this man.

I Care a Lot

Like most movies on this list, this 2021 movie is thrilling and very interesting. It’s got a lot of drama and aura around it, especially with how well played the starring role is.

A shady legal guardian (Rosamund Pike) bites more than she can chew when she tries to pull a fast one as she has always done on a client known for her brutality. Being a legal guardian, she does her job well, apparently too well by defrauding her clients and trapping them under her care. Guess she just picked the wrong client to deal with this time.

Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister from Game Of Thrones) starring in this movie even makes it more fascinating.

The Yin-Yang Master: Dream Of Eternity

Ancient Chinese philosophy describes Yin and Yang as a concept in which forces or powers can contradict and complement each other simultaneously. Like good and evil, the thin line between these opposite words allows them to be connected to an extent.

A demonic serpent awakens to haunt the world years after its imprisonment. Young Yin Yang Master (Duo Wang) pushed by his dead master’s dying words must solve a murder mystery and protect his realm from a dark conspiracy in the royal palace.

This movie deeply explains the effect of the power of love in good or bad decisions.

Namaste Wahala

Back to love, are we? A Bolly-Nolly wood suspenseful drama about the reality of troubles that could arise when worlds clashes. This movie combines the spectacle that comes with Nigerian movies alongside the unique flavor and coloring Indian movies offer

An Indian man (Ruslaan Mumtaz) falls in love with a Nigerian lady (Ini Dima-Okojie) and is bent on marrying her. As expected, both families do not like the idea, causing their romantic sailboat to experience rain storms at the cold sea.

Two entirely different cultures from halfway around the world, what could not go wrong?

Don Jon

Let’s take you back in time. One of the most realistic funniest movies I’ve seen. It’s not just funny because of the man it centers around but because of how it tells the tales of most guys his age these days.

A New Jersey bartender (Joseph Gordon Levitt) prioritizes a lot of things in his life and the last of these things, would catch you off-guard at first but it’s what we do. His friends, family, car, church, his top-tier womanizing skills, and the oddest of all, porn. Why would a guy be so good at getting between a lady’s leg and still be full-time addicted to porn?

Like every player, womanizing is easy until you meet this one lady that changes everything. The lady that wouldn’t just fall prey to your tricks because she is unique and then boom; your first serious relationship.


The 2008 movie about bullets that do not obey the laws of physics when guns are held to absolute perfection. There were speculations that a second part might come out in 2019 and rumor has it now that such thought has been killed.

A young man (James McAvoy, The Professor in X-Men) having issues living the day-to-day life regular humans are exposed to learns that his father was a special assassin. He is recruited and trained by his father’s organization to avenge his father’s death and continue his father’s work in the organization of ruthless killers.

There is no limit to these assassins’ killing skills. War is inevitable in this movie as things take a rather twisted turn.

Knives Out

What an Award-winning bad-ass detective movie this is? Like the popular saying “Crime movies are good, Mystery is better and the detective kinds are best”. Just kidding, there is no such saying but trust me you would love this movie.

A crime novelist is murdered on the night of one of his many crazy family reunions filled with drama here and there. Renowned Detective, Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) is hired to solve the case but it’s beginning to get confusing quickly. As it seems every single one of the family members is an equal suspect.

The detective must now filter through a web of lies, family drama, hate, jealousy, love, dysfunctionality, and treachery to find the truth. There is no end to the suspense this movie has to offer.

These are some of the best movies on Netflix right now. Therefore, turn on your device, open Netflix, and thank me later.

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