Facebook Bars | A Tik Tok Like App For Creating and Sharing Raps

Facebook Bars is a new app being released by the Facebook Company. The app is mainly for rappers as it has a Tik Tok setting that allows users to create raps using professional beats.

This app is being launched by Facebook’s internal R&D group; NPE Team after recently launching a music video app named Collab.

facebook bars

How Bars Work?

The Bars app is aimed at upcoming rappers looking to create and show off their skills by sharing their rap videos. It would act as a platform to develop and promote distinct rappers.

In the app, users can select from hundreds of beats to go with their rap songs, write lyrics and record a video that basically can’t be more than 60 seconds. Furthermore, if needed the app can also suggest rhymes while writing rap song lyrics.

When you sign up, you will be prompted to decide what level you are at when it comes to rapping. Choosing “Beginner” will provide you with an auto-rhyme dictionary feature or if you are an “Advanced” rapper, you could also benefit from the freestyle mode. There is also a “Challenge” mode where you can freestyle with suggested words.

Can You Share Your Rap Video to Other Social Media Network?

Although not fully released; still in its beta stage meaning you might have to wait a bit before you start dropping word bars on the Bars app, the videos created on the Bars app can be shared with other social media platforms.

For one it is rumoured to have the Tik Tok setting and it’s possible to share Tik Tok videos anywhere. Thus it would be quite bad if Facebook’s NPE team drops off that unique Tik Tok sharing feature on the Bars app.

Facebook Bars App Release

This is a tough one, Facebook is usually very slow when it comes to releasing a new feature or tool. We’d be wise to expect no different with this one. Its beta version is available on the Apple store for IOS devices in the U.S, can’t say the same about the Google Play store.

Not even Collab has made it to the popular Android app store. There is also the possibility that Facebook might shut down this app too like all its other experimental apps if it doesn’t gain attention and acknowledgement.

In conclusion, without a doubt, the Bars app does look like Tik Tok. Maybe it’s just another Facebook’s desperate trial to get even with the Tik Tok market. However, it’s unique and will really give upcoming rappers the voice they need.

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