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Gostream.site is the webpage of one of the best websites to stream excellent, latest, and box office hit movies.  It’s Vietnam based network provide users the best movies to stream easily and for free.

You don’t need to register or subscribe, no account needed, and definitely no paid plans involved, just visit the site and start streaming. There are different genres of movies here, meaning you could find just the perfect movie for that mood you are in.


People do get confused with the domain name Gostream.site and questions like “What of Gostream.com or Gostream.is”. They are all the same, they basically direct you to the same site but do note that the main domain name is Gostream.site.

About Gostream’s Site

Gostream’s website is very okay and easy to move around in even with the fact that it’s a torrent site. Torrent sites have quite a reputation for being unreasonably hard to navigate in.

Once you get to the site, you can select any movie to stream on the platform or download it to your device. It deals mostly in Hollywood movies although you might come across some Bollywood movies.

Movies Quality In Gostream.site

Gostream has a large library of movies but that isn’t the coolest part. These movies are all available in very excellent qualities that make it satisfactory when streaming it movies.

Every movie streamed on Gostream is in HD quality, although Gostream tends to present users with different resolutions of HD depending on what users specify. Primarily there are three HD resolutions namely, 360p, 720p, and 1080p.

How to Access Gostream.site

It’s basic, just open a web browser on your device, Chrome should do. On the Search tab, type in Gostream.site. By now, you should be in the Gostream website filled with the latest blockbuster movies available to stream for free.

For clarity reasons, Gostream has been banned in some countries because it’s an illegal movie platform. It goes against every copyright law for this it has been banned in a lot of countries, thus you might not be able to access Gostream.site.

Can’t Access Gostream – Fix

Since Gostream has been banned in your region, you don’t want to get caught using it, hence you need a VPN service. Get a VPN to your device, activate it, and ensure it’s working.

Activating it means you open it and mask your original IP or network address by selecting an IP address of a country or region where Gostream has not been banned.

Don’t like the above fix, why don’t you download Gostream’s app. An apk version of Gostream that does everything the site does and better. Its app was recently updated and it does not support pop-up ads as other apk apps do.

How to download Movies From Gostream.site

Normally, this is not possible, Gostream website is only a move streaming website, you can’t download movies from here. Once you get to the site, find a movie, tap on it, hit the play button, and start streaming your movie online. Tha’s how the Gostream works.

But it’s possible to download a movie from Gostream.site using some few tricks;

  • Firstly, you have to access a Gostream movie downloader. There are lots of them like 9xbuddy.org.
  • On a different tab, search www.9xbuddy.org/sites/gostream.
  • Find the movie you wish to download and click on it.
  • Instead of proceeding to play, copy the movie’s link.
  • Paste the movie’s link to the empty rectangular box and tap on “Download” next to the box.
  • Finally, select the format and quality you want the movie to be downloaded in to your device.

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