India Bans 47 Apps Cloning Already Banned Chinese Apps | Might There Be More Bans?

Chinese apps have raised quite a lot of questions about security, transparency, and etiquette in a lot of regions. This has made a lot of countries begin to consider a ban and one hasn’t just considered but already issued a ban.

India bans Tik Tok, WeChat, and 57 other Chinese apps late last month on the 29th of June. This came after a clash between the Indian and Chinese military over the Ladakh region that bordered both nations.

India stated that the reason for its ban on those apps claiming that the apps were an infringement on her laws and policies and the security threat they pose to the nation. This ban was rather courageous and it has put up rumors of other countries following in likewise footsteps.

india bans 47 apps cloning already banned chinese apps

47 More Apps Banned – Why?

India’s Ministry of Electronics and IT’s issued a new ban on Friday the 24th of July on apps that operates like the already banned Chinese apps.

This ban was aimed at apps ensuring and providing access to services that were previously banned by the Indian authorities. Some more apps and services have been developed aimed at filling the void the banned Chinese apps left.

Basically, the newly banned 47 apps are clones of the previously banned 59 Chinese apps. These newly banned which are to be announced later today, includes Cam Scanner Advance, a new lite version of previously banned apps; Helo and Sharelt.

Might There Be More Bans?

When China first banned Tik Tok and 58 other Chinese apps, they claimed they took this action to protect National interest and security. At first, we thought it would stop there and India might not be that serious or might relax the ban later.

But things are not looking that way at all. India is taking full measures to ensure that no apps pose security threats to their nation.

47 more apps have been banned to confirm how serious they are with their policies and 250 more are under trial. Reports have it that a list of more than 250 apps is being examined by the Indian Government over security or privacy policies violation.

It seems there might be more bans to come, a lot more than expected in fact.

Are all the Newly Banned Apps Chinese?

If not all newly banned apps, most are Chinese apps. All newly banned apps are clones of the formerly banned Chinese apps last month.

Yeah, they are all Chinese apps like the previously banned ones. Being Chinese is not the only thing they have in common, they also pose the same threats the previously banned apps did.

Reels on Instagram aimed at replacing Tik Tok in India and have not been banned given that it has amassed a lot of users since the Tik Tok ban. This is proof that the Indian authorities are not against fun apps but against apps that go against basic policies and regulations guiding its great economy.

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