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Facebook, offers customer support via the following mediums, Phone, Web, Email, and Instant Chat to make it easy for customers to reach them on anything they have an issue with. Using any of these means Facebook users can get help for their Facebook related issues.

Facebook customer service agents in most cases do not pick up the phone. This is why we’ve outlined some mediums which you can use to get help from the Facebook customer support team instead of calling the 650-543-4800 line.

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How to Contact Facebook Customer Service to Report a Problem

If you want to report something that is not working or you have a payment issue you want to fix it. You can use the following steps to contact the Facebook customer support team.

  • Click on the menu icon and scroll to the bottom and choose “Help and Support > Report a problem.
    • Click on the “Something Isn’t Working” link. Thereafter, click on the product you are having difficulties with.
    • Click and add a screenshot from your camera roll.
    • Lastly, tap on “Report”.

How to Send a Complaint to Facebook Customer Service

Facebook, does not have a toll-free hotline where users can submit complaints. Rather, it uses a series of web forms, to enable users to submit their complaints online.

  • Navigate to the Facebook Help Center’s main page.
    • Then, tap on the “Gear” icon, at the upper right corner of your home page.
    • Tap on “Help”, and thereafter, tap on “Visit the Help Center”.
    • After that, tap on the “Report Something” link in the left menu of the Help Center page.
  •  Choose any of the other options on the menu to locate specific instructions for your complaints. They include; general instructions on how to report things, reporting bugs, and complaints bothering on online bullying.
  •  Scroll to the Adverts Billing Enquiry page, to contact Facebook about an advertising billing issues or to submit a complaint. Thereafter, follow the onscreen instruction, and provide your contact information if requested.
  •  Head over to the Facebook Help Center Copyright page. To complain about violations of your copyright or trademark. Here, specific instructions are also provided for impostor accounts, hacked, abuse page administrative issues, privacy rights as well as functionality issues.
  •  Finally, you are to use the Report an Ad page, if that is what you are complaining about. To complain about ads that violate Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines or Terms of Use.

Sending a Complaint About Content to Facebook Customer Support

To send complaints about contents;

  • Head over to the content you want to complain about on Facebook. Tap on the “Options” link right below or near the content. Choose the “Report” option.
    • Choose the option, that best matches your complaint.
    • Go through with the onscreen instructions required, to complete the complaint process.
    • Thereafter, go to the “How to Report Things” page. If you can’t locate the options link near the content you want to complain about, or if you are not sure how to complain about specific content.

How to Chat with Facebook Customer Service

To chat with Facebook Customer Service team;

  • Navigate to https://www.facebook.com/business/form/chat. To complain about issues bothering on Account recovery, Hacked or Disabled Accounts.
  • Report a problem, Technical support, Delete Account, and other customer service issues.

Now, with the above-outlined mediums, you can successfully get answers to your questions. You can also have all Facebook related issues fixed. All you need to do is adhere to these steps to reach Facebook customer support.

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