How to Win Facebook Messenger Archery 3D Game With Your Eyes Closed

Facebook Messenger Archery 3D Game is owned Seaters Games. It is an addictive game and a popular game with over two million players. Getting a ten is the uttermost desire of every player, and we would be teaching you how to do that with ease. If you want to shot like a master, then this article is a must-read. Once you fail you lose money and we don’t want to do that.

Facebook Messenger Archery 3D game is a blistering reflex-based action game where you shoot virtual arrows at a given target ranging from one to ten. Apart from the use of a weapon, there’s no violence (other than to the target). There is a 15 to 30 second commercial for a different application that you must watch after each game.

Archery 3D

You can also watch the ads in other to get more coins and also for other things which would be great for you.

How to Play Facebook Messenger Archery 3D Game

In Archery 3D, players throw arrows at a given target, aiming at getting a ten. The ten is the highest number in the target and its colored yellow and is the smallest. Nine is also colored yellow but is bigger than ten.

You place you’re a finger, and as you move the finger, the arrow is fired. Once you take your hands off the arrow goes for the target, you have positioned and hit it.

Archery 3D Cheat – How to Always Get a Ten

Make use of Your Thumb

Ensure you place your thumb on your phone that would give you a better chance of getting a ten. Your posture matters a lot.


You have to ensure that your phone is bright to ensure you see the lines clearly. I would advise you stay inside while playing this game to avoid sun rays.


Concentration is of great importance; you can’t afford to lose because you’re were joking. You have less than 12 seconds to make a shot else you have failed.


You need to take note of the direction and the distance of the wind. This is very important, and if properly understood, you can keep on getting ten.

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