All Facebook Messenger Last Knife Game Hack And Tricks

With over seven million players, the Last Knife is a popular game with players from around the globe. It’s a really addictive game and easy to play but hard to get a great score. Once you fail, you start again from the beginning.

I spent days playing and looking for ways to exploit this game, it took a lot of time, but I came up with something.  This light, addictive game tests reflexes and easy to play.

Last Knife

The Last knife is a blistering reflex-based arcade game where you throw virtual knives at circles of wood sometimes rotating with apples or knives stuck to it. Apart from being weapon focused, there’s no violence (other than to apples and other pieces of fruits) or other unknown contents. There is a 15 or 30 second commercial for other apps that you may have to watch (or you can bypass ads), but this resembles a typical TV commercial.

How to Play the Last Knife on Facebook Messenger and Defeat Your Friends


In the Last Knife, players throw knives at a rotating circle made up of wood, trying to finish his/her supply of knives (thus smashing the wood and heading over to the next level). If a knife strikes another knife, the game is over, and you start over again. Shooting at apples that happen to be sitting on that wooden circle earn bonus points and can be used to purchase various types of knives.


You need to shot the knives given to you on the circular moving object to move over to the next level. You need to shot with caution and know when to stop when you see a knife stuck to the moving circular object.

I have always won because I had found this secret I am about to share. After shooting the knife, you count one, two before you shoot another knife to ensure the knives don’t hit each other. Once you get close to any knife that has been placed on the moving object to avoid a collision with the knife.

The greater the speed of the rotating object, the faster you count.

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