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Best Games That Pay You Real Money – Do you love games? What of money? How do you feel about the two things you love the most being in the same sentence?

Here is a list and review of some of the best games that pay you real money. These games are not only interesting but you can also gain financially from them, how often does that happen?

best games that earn you real money

6 Best Games That Pays Real Money

Almost every game has its players earning money these days. What I would like to call in-game money or virtual money, it’s only valuable in the game as it can’t be spent in the real world.

Who would have guessed that there are actually games that earn you free and spendable real-life money? These games are listed in no particular order;

Something Like This Addictive Best Paid Android Games to Keep You at Home – Games That Pay

Wealth Words

As the name implies, these game is everything about words from scrabble to trivia games. This online word game allows you to test your word skills while earning real money.

The only thing you gotta lose is your time, data/Wi-Fi, and the words to win the game. Available to people above the age of 18, it’s the definition of win and gets rewarded.


The name alone sounds interesting probably because it has the word luck or chance embedded in its meaning. This game allows users to play digital scratch-off tickets, just this time you’d be playing on your phone instead of some lottery store somewhere or a grocery shop.

Each day brings a new set of cards to play along with prizes/ real money that can be won if you are lucky enough. All you have to do is pick the right card and you stand a chance to win a lot of money, sounds easy but it’s pretty strenuous.

The app is not only free but also in-app purchases free ensuring users totally enjoy their experience here.


This app is a big name in this line of business. Founded in 2008, it’s available on android and Ios devices like Lucktastic. Basically, you could earn $2 for every hour you spend on this game, isn’t that amazing.

Unlike other apps on this list, this one has a wide range of games that you could play to earn money. If you are quite good, you could decide to challenge other players, but you have to cash in an entry fee in the hope that you win. Losing will make you lose your money to the other player who won.

There are also other things you can do here to earn money like taking surveys, watch videos, research, sign up for offers, and so on.

Paid Game Player

This app functions like Swagbucks although it might be a little bit easier to make money here. There are a lot of games here to play and make money from.

You can also challenge other users to a game and put your money where your skills are. Not just by playing games but also by reviewing them, trying out new products, or even referring more people to Paid Game Player.

GSN Cash Games

This app is great if you are into game gambling although it’s not free. This paid app allows players to compete against themselves for cash prizes. It’s winner take all here thus if you are choosing to use this app you have to be a hundred percent focused.

Before you select a game, you will be able to review the cost price for entering this game, how much the cash prize is, and how many players you’d be facing. This way you can weigh your risks and profits.

Any money won will be transferred to your game account which in turn you can cash out via PayPal, a credit card, or check. Available for iOS and Android devices, but I think you’d like it better on an Android device.


Students are quite familiar with this app and how it works. Available for iOS and Android devices, you could win quite a huge amount of money here. Although you might have to split it depending on what you do.

You could win money by entering Trivia competitions which can be played for free only twice daily unless you are willing to pay to play. You would have to join a team of three persons and answer questions till the rounds finish or you fail one too many of the questions lowering the number of points your team accumulates.

Daily games could also be played to earn money here. The only bad side to this game is there is not a hundred percent assurance that you would be able to cash out your money.

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