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Putlocker9 is an Indian torrent movie piracy website that allows users to download movies illegally online. Here users can watch the latest Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, and Telugu movies.

With online piracy of digital content being on the rise and constituting one of the major problems for the entertainment industry illegal websites keep making things difficult for movie makers.

Because of this, many big-budget films have faced major losses in terms of revenue as a result of such illegal websites. Such websites have been banned in many countries even though they keep operating with mirror sites and proxy websites.


Putlocker9 Review

Putlocker9 is an illegal website that leaks movies on its websites. This site download is used for Hollywood movies to download and also to watch Hollywood movies online. Putlocker9 has been banned in several countries but it keeps carrying out its illegal operations. This site is known to operate under different proxy websites.

According to Alexa.com, which is a website that offers statistics on websites across various categories, the Putlocker9 has a global Alexa Rank of 34,733. Now, this rank is based on traffic data collected by Alexa.com across a large number of internet users throughout the globe.

As stated by Alexa.com, the popularity of Putlocker9 has visibly increased over the last 90 days as its Global Alexa Rank moved from 44,489 to 34,946. Also, Alexa.com indicates that 3.5 pages on this site are browsed daily per user with daily time spent on the site amounting to 3.27 minutes.

Movies Leaked by Putlocker9 Website

 The Putlocker9 website has a history of leaking many movies within hours of its release. This website has leaked many movies within hours of its release in the past.

How to Download the Putlocker9 App

If you prefer using the Putlocker9 app instead of browsing, to make your downloads simple and comfortable, you can download the Putlocker9 app. The app helps users to ensure that they are comfortable to watch or download a movie.

The Apk is more comfortable besides using the website as the website contains many pop-ups ads. However, Apk does not carry any kind of ads so it’s quite easy to download the latest movies using Putlocker9 Apk.

The Putlocker9 app has several features. With the app, you will see the difference between the website and app. The app download has a faster speed than the website, and the app does not carry any kind of pop-up ads, thus it is more comfortable than the website.

New Putlocker9 Links

 Since Putlocker9 is a site that has been banned, they keep changing their domain names time and again. As such, people find it difficult to find the official Putlocker9 website. In order to make the work easier for you, here is a list of new Putlocker9 websites:

  • com
  • to
  • putlocker9 plus
  • is
  • nu
  • us
  • ur
  • eu
  • co
  • es
  • com

How to Access Putlocker9 Movie Download Website

 To successfully access the Putlocker9 website, here are a few steps to follow:

For Mobile

 Start by getting a VPN to change your location. You can use one VPN app on your android device.

  • Once you are done installing the VPN app, open the app and choose the location of the United States. Thereafter, it recommended that you check the IP address.
  • If the IP address is changed, proceed to the official website of Putlocker9.
  • On the website, you will get full access to the Putlocker9 website, and choose any movie of your choice to download.

For Desktop

 If you are using a desktop, you can use Chrome Browser. If you don’t use Chrome, you will have to install one.

  • You will also have to install a VPN app but on the desktop, it’s quite different. This time, you will have to install a VPN extension.
  • Preferably use TunnelBear
  • Once you install Setup VPN, you have to connect the location to the United States. This VPN does not need any registration, thus it’s very easy to use.
  • Once you are through connecting to the new IP, navigate to the official website of Putlocker9 and you are set to download.

Is It Safe To Use Putlocker9?

 The Putlocker9 website has been recently banned by Google from the United States. Thus it is not possible to browse Putlocker9 from the United States. This is because in the United States and India as well as in some other countries piracy is illegal.

However, the laws are not most exacting for individuals viewing/downloading motion photos. It is not common to check anybody obtaining captured for downloading/spilling pilfered films on the net. Thus the bigger a part of the captures has been created for transferring the pilfered substance on the net.

Disclaimer: This site does not in any way support piracy. This write-up is all about torrenting safety. Even though most people use pirated content, that does not in any way make it right. Thus users should desist from aiding and abetting piracy.

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