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Yahoo Mail App- Yahoo is an American web service owned by Verizon, founded as far back as 1994, this software is as old as the Internet itself. It’s mailing service started in 1997 offering three different personal plans (Basic, Plus, Ad-free) and one for Businesses. It has over 200 million users using its services to manage their mailing activities, so why not join them today.

Its strength continued to grow until other mailing services including its main competitor Google Mail kicked in. Furthermore, its mailing service has also undergone some scrutiny and hacking in the past.

The software has had its downside but recently improvements and changes have been made and Yahoo seems to be coming on top. Its newly designed app is one of those improvements, with an interface that makes users easily comprehend its features.

yahoo mail app

Yahoo Mail App Features

  • The ability to customize and change the app’s layout. It offers Nine different options or views with different themes.
  • Subscription and Unsubscribing have become easier. You could view all your subscriptions in one place and easily opt-out.
  • Check out deals and sales that might interest you happening around you.
  • Cleaner interface that helps you easily send messages. It gives you a first glance at emails sent to you.
  • You could have and manage more than one yahoo account easily with the app. All you have to do is add the account which will enable you to switch from one account to the other speedily from within the app without having to open tabs.

Sometimes using the web version of Yahoo mail looks a little bit jam-packed with news feed here and there. The app offers a clean and smooth layout with your mails well organized, hence enabling you to operate better and faster while using the app.

Yahoo Mail App Download

For most devices, whether it’s a smartphone, PC, or Desktop, The Yahoo Mail app is fundamental. Most times it comes with your device; all you need do is find it. In case you can’t find it, proceed to download it;

  • Open your device App Store and search Yahoo Mail.
  • When you find the app, click on it, proceed to download and install it.
  • You could also try downloading the app from the web. Open any browser, Chrome preferably and type Download Yahoo Mail App.
  • If it’s for PC, specify. i.e Download Yahoo Mail App for (Mac or Windows) PC.
  • If you use the web, the first two to three results the browser search engine will produce will be from your device App Store. Hence the advice to download this app from your App Store rather than going to the web.
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