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WorldRemit is one of the first online money transfer firms that engaged more on mobile to mobile remittances, founded in 2010 by Dr. Ismail Ahmed. His idea of an online money transfer was more of a personal feud with offline money transfer.

So he developed WorldRemit with co-founders Catherine Wines and Richard Igoe as a way to transfer money online without little stress.

Its services are bank deposit, cash collection, cash pickups, mobile money, and so on. World Remit works in over 115 countries, in which most of them are developing or under-developed countries, functioning in almost 49 African countries.


WorldRemit Wallet

An e-wallet that allows you to send, receive, store and use money in different ranges of currencies. Its use is limited to some countries and it can be downloaded from an app store.

How to get WorldRemit e-wallet

If you’ve found out that this e-wallet is available in your country, follow these easy steps to get it;

  • Visit your app store and search the WorldRemit app, download and install.
  • Sign up with your email address, create a Password and a Pin. Please endeavor to keep records of this information somewhere only you have access to. The password can be a mixture of letters, numbers, symbols and so on, Pin is basically just numbers.
  • Activate your wallet by filling in the required details i.e address and mobile no.
  • Enter the verification code sent to your number.
  • Upload an image from a valid photo ID.

You could send money to someone’s wallet without having one by following these steps;

  • Visit the WorldRemit website or download the app from your specified app store.
  • Open it and navigate to the Transfer tab.
  • Specify the country you want to send money to. Be sure WorldRemit e-wallet services functions in that country.
  • Select WorldRemit Wallet as the way you want the person to receive the money.
  • Choose the currency type you want the money to be transferred in and the amount.
  • Fill in the required recipient’s details and pay for the transfer.

Note that you could also send money to someone who does not have the e-wallet but the services are available in his/her country. WorldRemit will notify the person of the transfer and guide the person to register for the e-wallet. The money will be paid immediately they register and if they don’t it will be returned to you 14 days later.

How to Send Money Using WorldRemit

You need a valid payment method and the receiver details and contact information, also the bank name and Bank’s Swift code.

  • The steps are similar to the sending to a WorldRemit e-wallet, sign up or log in and choose the country you are sending to.
  • Verify the service you want the money to be transferred in i.e cash pickups, bank account, mobile money (e-wallet) or airtime top-up and enter the amount.
  • Check out the charges incurred and the WorldRemit exchange rate. Click on send to continue.
  • Fill out the receiver’s detail and pay for your transfer.

Transfer charges are fixed according to the currency exchange rate and the country you are sending to. WorldRemit is one of a kind online money transfer platform in the sense that;

  • It tracks transfers through SMS to the receiver’s and sender’s mobile number filled in while transferring.
  • Its customer care service is always available. You could try this number (888-722-7771) or fill out a form online. Although there is no Live Chat option.
  • Easy and very comprehensive website.
  • Flexible transfer options. Note that WorldRemit operates on cashless policy, so no cash transfer. unless you somehow come in contact with an agent or someone willing to help.

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