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2020 Phones- Smartphones, there is just something with it, you get one and you find yourself already waiting for the next. Like you can’t help but create spoiler features for the next phone on your mind and probably start saving to get the next version of a new phone. You feel the need to satisfy the huge urge for a current phone no matter the cost, well we are here to help.

We are going to look at some phones embedded in this year, some mind-blowing, beautiful, perfectly created smartphones. Some features of this phone sounds like it was created by Zeus himself in human form.

2020 phones

List Of  Prescribed 2020 Smartphones

  • Huawei P40 series

Despite the fact that the Huawei market is very notable only in China, these phones are going to be a blast. Its series is P40, P40 Pro, P40 Pro+. After its fall out with Google, it won’t be launching with Google services as it promises a new alternative.

So Huawei users are soon going to be able to boast of new independent software like iPhone users.

This series comes with 5G and the top version P40 Pro+ comes with a five compartment camera.

We should already be seeing this phone in the market but I guess coronavirus is a reason we shouldn’t. The iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2 looks almost like its predecessor the iPhone 8, just a little bit bigger and more powerful.

We know a particular iPhone is released every year, so we should be expecting this one or/and the boss iPhone 12. If it’s the two coming out this year, you just have to pick according to your budget.

  • Xiaomi Series

These series include Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro, another China-based phone, although this one is quite popular and its features are unique. It has a unique cooling system, dual speakers, a camera that looks like Mi note 10 or like iPhone 11.

It also offers the 5G network with a 4780 mah and 4500 mah for the Mi 10 and Mi Pro 10 respectively, about the RAM you could think of 8-12GB on a 128-256GB ROM.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20

This phone also called Canvas will be picking up where Samsung’s Galaxy S models left off. It would feature a unique camera system, a more finely tuned screen and probably a pen. Not much is known about this phone but for the price don’t expect anything less than $1000.

  • Nokia 8.3

Hail to Nokia’s first 5G mobile device, it features a 64megapixel quad-camera system on the back. A 6.81” screen, a 6GB RAM, 64GB ROM and a 4500 mAh battery, this phone is sure to be one of the best 2020 phones.

A new and latest specie of the Tecno Camon series, with a dual Nano sim feature. It has curved edges and a large surface area (1080 x 2340 pixels), 6.6 inches with an 84.3% screen to body ratio.

A 6GB ram phone that features a quad 48mp, 5mp, 2mp and QVGA camera with a selfie pop-up camera of 32mp. Its price is $147, sounds very reasonable. Maybe till we see what the Phantom series have to offer, this might be the best Tecno Phone this year.

  • iPhone 12

I remembered when the iPhone 11 came into the market, it was like an epidemic. The main feature that got everyone was its unique camera system, I am also thinking it would be the same for the iPhone 12.

This phone also promises a unique 5G network and OLED displays into a more unique square design. We can only picture and hope the iPhone 12 doesn’t go below our expectations.

Its design might be smaller with a full-screen display and should certainly come with a quad-camera system so good we won’t need editing after taking pictures.

With these phones, 2020 is surely going to get better.

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