How To Send Money Online to Nigeria From USA

Send Money Online to Nigeria From USA- One of the main problems with sending money internationally is the high charges rate, the time it takes, and sometimes the amount of stress you have to go through.

Sending money to African countries can be quite frustrating and to a country like Nigeria, I need not mention the challenges you might experience. So if you are going to send money to Nigeria, you need a platform that has these qualities:

  • Secure and Safe.
  • A considerate and good customer service.
  • Flexible and Fast.
  • Well integrated with the Nigerian Structure i.e exchange rates, geography, culture and so on.
  • And lastly, reasonable when it comes to charges.
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Information to Ascertain When Sending Money to Nigeria

  • The naira exchange rate: It might be impossible to predict the currency exchange rate but being able to check this and use it to one’s advantage will really save you a lot of money and stress. So if you are sending from the U.S, check the dollar-naira exchange rate.
  • Select the best deal: There are about 15 different platforms that do money transfer to Nigeria. Choose one that suits what you want to do exactly, whether it’s a cash pickup, online transfer, airtime top-up and so on.
  • Compare all details correctly. For instance if you are doing small transfer like $300, WorldRemit and MoneyGram are quite better than the rest. A cash pickup, Xoom or MoneyGram got it covered.
  • The strategy about sending money online internationally is using every information and detail to your advantage.

Best Online Platforms to Send Money to Nigeria From USA


One of the biggest online transfer platforms, it has more than 350,000 agents located in over 200 countries worldwide. You could send money on this platform online, directly to bank accounts, e-wallet or do cash pickups.

Visit their website online, and fill in all recipients’ detail, how you will like to send the money, the charges are usually reasonable depending on the exchange rate. MoneyGram also has agents, in case you don’t have an account and don’t want to open one, try locating any of the agents around you.

Western Union

This is one powerhouse when it comes to sending money internationally, it’s been around for over 130 years hence it is very experienced. It has an app, just download it and fill in all information boxes correctly.

Like MoneyGram, WU gives options of being able to directly send money from your bank account, debit or a credit card.


This platform recently gained its respect and popularity among Nigerians. You could use this platform not just to transfer money online but to receive payments and pay internationally.

It works in over 200 countries in 150 different currencies, if you want a platform that would charge low and effectively transfer money, try Payoneer.


This platform is just as good as the others and although it’s not as popular as the others, its performance has earned it good reviews among people. Skrill transfer is quite fast, simple and at reasonable charges.

All you need to do is to open a skrill account and start sending money, it also has an e-wallet service. Note that this platform does not do cash pickups.


This platform supports over 80 different currencies and has more than 200,000 pickup locations including banks. You can send money to a person in Nigeria directly to their bank account or even recharge their Mobile device sim card.

World Remit

There is a reason it’s called world remit, it does everything service concerning transferring money internationally. You could send money from your bank account, debit card or even a credit card directly to the receiver’s bank account.

They also do cash pickups and airtime recharge, so the choice is yours.

This is where my list ends. Pick any of the above platforms to send money not just to Nigeria only but to many other countries. Most of these platforms offer to have an account with them and still have transfer agents.

When transferring Money especially from or to a developing or under-developed country, it’s advisable to use agents instead of personal accounts. When you transfer with your personal account, if issues come up, contacting customer services can be quite burdensome.

Transfer agents could help when issues come up with the transfer and give professional advice to you about transferring money. It’s their job, hence their experience, meaning they would do the transfer better and more effectively than you.

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