Windows Photo Viewer Alternative | 7 Best Alternatives to Window Photo Viewer

A reviewed list of the best windows photo viewer alternative. Tested and trusted alternatives that are picked to satisfy any user. Using Windows OS PC or computer has its advantages but also comes with a lot of troubles such as a photo viewer.

Having issues with your photo viewer be it Windows or any other product. Why not try out this list and seek one to just fit your needs.

Windows Photo viewer is great, generally, it is simple and basic and frustrating to set up especially if you are downloading it. It simple interface allows for easy use and management but this means it would be difficult to edit complex images or photos using this tool.

windows photo viewer alternative

7 Best Alternatives to Window Photo Viewer

1. Image Glass

It’s as simple as the Windows Photo Viewer. This windows photo viewer alternative is unique in its own way. it supports JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, WEBP, and 72+ photo formats.

Although just like the Windows Photo Viewer its editing tools are not really good it has this feature that allows it to create a slideshow of images. One of the features that make it stand apart is its modern look and the speed at which images can be uploaded on it.

This tool could be used for almost any kind of editing, it’s the modern-day Windows Photo Viewer. Compatible, fast, simple, and sleek.

2. IrfanView

This is the most reviewed photo viewer for windows devices. With this tool, you can efficiently convert files, creates slide shows, edit photos, scale images, perform scale conversion, rotate photos, and so on.

It supports more than 100 image formats and it functions very similar to windows photo viewer just with more updates. Its editing features can be used to crop or change image size, add watermarks, and change color depths.

Its scale conversion feature makes it possible to convert multiple images to a different format at once completely at your control. It’s one of the best for so many reasons as this tool is also known to accept plug-ins and also effective in managing storage space.

3. 123 Photo Viewer

Also very similar to Windows Photo viewer exempting the speed of how it works and it upgraded editing tools. It allows a one-click Zoom which kills the need of having to tap twice to Zoom in.

Its main strength comes in its ability to carry out multiple operations simultaneously i.e file conversion, image resizing, file renaming, and so on. it also supports a lot of image formats making it possible and easy to convert images between formats.

It’s the best tool to utilize if you are working on animated films as it allows the pause and resume of animation playbacks and saving animation frames as separate files.

4. Xn View

These days some of the attributes that make any photo viewer unique are their ability to perform multiple editing operations simultaneously. This is the main advantage of using this app.

With Xn View, you can open multiple images in the same tab or windows making it easier to edit and manage all images at once. It’s also great if you are looking to work on or compare different images.

It also supports over 500 different image formats, allows the installation of plug-ins, color change, metadata editing, and slideshow creation. Like I earlier stated, this tool’s main advantage is its ability to edit and process multiple images in one window at once, hence perfect for those who want to be fast and smart.

5. Microsoft Photos

After the Windows photo viewer got a lot of bad reviews from users especially concerning its uploading speed, a new photo viewer came into its place, Microsoft Photos Viewer. It’s faster and has more enhanced features than the Windows photo viewer.

It supports different image quality and can integrate itself with connected devices to import images. Has a huge library of photos that you can browse from and supports video editing.

Its editing features are also first-class with its unique filters and upgraded edit tools. Tools that help you enhance the quality of your images, increase its contrast, heightening its intensity, and so on.

One of the features unique to Microsoft Photos is its video editing attribute. There are a lot of 3D video effects and video editing tools perfect to work on any type of short videos. This is the perfect windows photo viewer alternative.

6. FastStone Image Viewer

Another very great photo viewer especially if you are looking to work in full-screen mode. You need your image to be clean, sharp, precise and you’ve got the time, why don’t you try out this app.

Easy to use with basic image editing features. It supports a lot of image formats, slideshow creation, image resizing, color change, special effects, transition effects, and music.

Although this tool is known to hang at times maybe due to the fact that it’s hardly updated, it’s still one of the best photo viewer to work with especially for professionals.

7. JPEGView

Just like Irfanview, this app is also designed to not take almost no space from your device’s memory. This simple lightweight tool supports JPEG, BMP, PNG, WEBP, TGA, GIF, and TIFF image formats.

Its image editing features allow for basic photo enhancement such as color change, image sharpness and contrast resizing, rotation, and so on. You can also create slideshows and hasten your work-rate with its quick navigation feature.

Furthermore, its resampling filter and movie mode will allow for more convenient viewing. The perfect tool for a windows device whose strength is midget or low.

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