Instagram Launches Reels In 50 Countries Including The U.S says the “company is wooing creators with features they know and love, on a platform President Trump doesn’t publicly hate”. They couldn’t be more right and Instagram couldn’t be more perfect with their timing.

Instagram started launching reels in countries where Tik Tok had almost no users. The Tik Tok lookalike Instagram feature has every attributes Tik Tok has and more.

instagram launches reels in 50 countries including the US

Editing and filter tools, countdown clock, camera effects, licensed or user-created tracks, a new reels tab, integration into the Instagram story camera and so much more. Reels launch started since last year in Brazil then moved to France and Germany.

Sometime last month India also witnessed an Instagram Reels launch just days after the Country banned Tik Tok and so many other Chinese apps. In order to try and grow the Instagram reels platform, a well-timed launch was very important.

Instagram Launch Reels Worldwide

Instagram confirmed the launch of Reels in about 50 different countries including the U.S who’s President has really been keen at banning the app as of late. Other countries that reportedly have the Reels feature include U.K, Japan, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, and so on.

Facebook has always wanted to challenge the reign of Tik Tok which they tried in 2018 by launching a Tik Tok clone app called Lasso. But the app didn’t take off as expected and it would seem it was not good enough to challenge Tik Tok.

Then Instagram Reels came in and as of now has almost 500 million users already. This number will keep growing given the fact that there is almost no rivalry competition. Unless Microsoft’s deal to take charge over Tik Tok goes through.

Why Launch Reels Now?

Facebook is a very competitive social media company, trying to be in any social media genre. With Reels, Facebook will surely stand a chance against Tik Tok and eventually dominate Tik Tok’s market.

Another vital reason would be to make Instagram more flexible. Instagram said it users have always wanted this kind of feature after reporting that users have been posting Tik Tok lookalike videos to its platform recently.

With Reels, Instagram hopes not just to steal Tik Tok’s users who can’t access the service either due to a ban or a suspected ban, they hope to compete with Tik Tok toe to toe. Reels basically combines the full Instagram characteristics with a new Tik Tok feature designed to attract more users.

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