Why Do I Sweat at Night | 7 Common Reasons You Sweat at Night

Why Do I Sweat at Night – I usually tell people that the worse experience I have when I sleep are not nightmares. It’s sweating at night. It’s not just the regular sweating like the ones we get during the day, it’s the hard-core kind of sweating.

The type that makes you feel a rain pour just fell in your room. Waking up in the middle of the night to a wet bed and nightwear, it’s completely frustrating.

Then somehow I manage to change the bedsheets and my wears and I can’t find sleep anymore. In my mind, am already cursing and if you are close to me at that moment, you could just feel how angry I am.

why do i sweat at night

At a particular point in the night, you can literally hear yourself asking yourself the question, “why do I sweat at night?” That’s how bad it gets sometimes.

Simple Reasons Why You Sweat at Night

You might begin to resolute to simple answers to the questions of sweating plundering your mind. Like my A.C seems faulty, it’s just a hot night, guess it’s because I didn’t sleep naked, my bed is too thick and so on.

Those reasons might be correct. But to an extent, we both know those answers are just your mind looking for a quick fix.

Possible & Common Reasons People Sweat at Night

Here is a list of very common reasons people sweat at night. If you find something relating to yours, it might just be why you’ve been profusely sweating during your sleep.

1. Room/Bed Setting

This is a very common but totally ignored common cause of sweating at night. The room and bed you sleep in is the last thing you see before you sleep off.

Don’t know of you but I don’t want the last memory of my room before I sleep off to have my dirty trousers on the door or my underwear on the floor.

It’s important everything is in place for a perfect sleep. Your room should smell nice, be clean and well-arranged and the same goes for your bed. Ensure your sheets, pillows, mattress, and mattress pad are right for you.

Some bed materials can reflect heat back to the body while asleep. Therefore increasing the body temperature and eventually, you start sweating.

2. Stress

This is the highest cause of excessively sweating at night especially during sleep. One of the main reasons we sleep is to clear the mind and get it ready for the next day.

If we had a stressful day or have a stressful day ahead of us, our mind will be filled with those events and hence won’t be able to rest. If the mind is stressed, the body sure will and this could bring about a high level of sweating at night.

The trick to solving this is to stay calm and try to clear your mind before sleeping. If you don’t, bad dreams and anxiety issues might also kick-in.

3. What We Eat

The last thing you should be doing is eating heavily just before going to bed. It’s simple, you’d just be heavy and then you would find it hard to sleep.

At this point, your food will start digesting and reactions will start going on in your body hence producing heat and energy. So you don’t want to take the wrong kind of foods or drinks while about to sleep.

This includes Sugars, Hydrogenated Fats, Highly Refined Fats, Spicy Foods, Caffeine, Alcohol, and so on. Alcohol and Caffeine intake before bedtime are among the highest cause of sweating at night.

4. Medications

This is another common cause of night sweats. Some medications trigger sweating at night, as bad as it sounds, it just the drugs working.

Medications such as Hormone Regulators, Antidepressants, Hypoglycemic agents, and so on could cause night sweats. You are on a medication and you believe it might be what’s causing your night sweats, just ask your doctor or a medical expert to confirm.

5. Hormonal Changes

Different hormonal changes can cause sweating at night. There are popular and common ones like Menopause in women which is due to the decreasing levels of estrogen in the body and also Low Testosterone levels in men.

Pregnancy and menstrual cycles might also affect the body temperature at night hence causing sweating.

Hormone imbalances in men cause the hypothalamus to make errors and make the body feel its overheating. The body then reacts to the signals from the hypothalamus and then the excessive sweating begins.

6. Hyperhidrosis

An excessive sweating condition that causes you not only to sweat at Night but also at day time. Sweating is triggered by sweat glands in the body when your body temperature rises.

But sometimes even for a rise in temperature, your sweat rate can seem quite abnormal. This condition sometimes causes people to sweats on their palms and feet.

If it’s not that serious regular bathing and wearing soft clothing materials should be able to handle it. In most cases, it is better to seek medical expertise.

7. Medical Conditions

Medical conditions like Hyperthyroidism, Hypoglycemia, Common cold, anxiety disorders, neurological conditions, drug addiction, Infections, and so on could also cause profuse sweating at night.

There are a lot of medical conditions that can cause sweating at night. If there are other ailments like weight loss or cold attached to the sweating at night issue, you definitely need to seek medical attention.

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