Warrior Nun Season 2 | Release Date and All You Need to Know

Warrior Nun on its release hit Netflix’s top 10 list like a storm climbing and clinching up to the number one spot for more than a week. Released on the 2nd of July 2020, the first season of this Angelic TV series took a different approach to explore the supernatural world.

This supernatural drama created by Simon Barry based on the book Warrior Nun Areala written by Ben Dunn dating back to 1994 has really got some screamers in it.

warrior nun season 2

Warrior Nun Season 1 Review

Narrated by Alba Baptista (Ava Silva) who also happens to be the main character of the first season. Ava Silva, a crippled orphan for most of her life dies, gets resurrected to discover she can now walk and things got a little bit complicated when she found out she now has superpowers.

She soon finds out the whole fact behind her new chance at life which encourages her to join an ancient order of Catholic Nuns whose mission is to protect the world from demons. The whole drama became really interesting when the Angelic source of her power “Adriel” apparently might not be an Angel.

Everything she knows is put to the test, everyone she trusted is passed through the fire and then her real challenges kick into action.

What Season 2 Hold For Its Viewers?

We saw imminent death await Ava and her little army of warrior Nuns in Season 1 episode 10. They managed to free Adriel, the supposedly Angel who is now after Ava’s halo. The Halo brought Ava back from the dead, so it makes sense that if its removed, Ava will go back to being dead.

A new revelation also popped out when we found out that Father Vincent wasn’t also the cool-headed, good Rev. Father we knew him as. He has been serving Adriel in the dark and had everything all figured out right from day one.

On the other side of the world, Julian Salvius’s son Michael just took a one-way ticket into a portal that we have no idea where it leads to. Some say, Heaven, some say hell. If it leads to either of the mentioned, Netflix might have just started becoming predictable and that’s one quality they don’t have.

The season two will surely hold more revelations and answer all questions season 1 left unanswered. But as usual, it will leave more questions, unless the show gets canceled.

Is There Going to be a Season 2?

One of the cast members, Toya Turner (Shotgun Mary) reportedly said “After you watch the series, you’ll be like, oh, they’re going to go further on this. I think they’re definitely going to push it further”.

The TV series narrator Alba Baptista further added in an interview with Refinery 29 that the writers already have everything set for a season two. She dwelled on the complicacy Adriel’s character for a bit and speculated on the kind of revelation season two will be bringing to its viewers.

She said: “It was well thought out. It wasn’t just an accident. It’s another plot twist for the spectators to guess on for another year. They’ll have to wait for another season.”

Netflix has seen a very huge demand in two of their recent TV series close to the kind they saw from The Witcher, both starring young mystical women as the lead roles. Warrior Nun has seen a global demand rise by 8,133% relative to other TV series.

Netflix won’t just be daring it spectators not to release a season 2 of Warrior Nun, they would be doing their business some harm.

Warrior Nun Season 2 Release Date

There is not even a trailer yet. Netflix has not confirmed a release date for the second season of the TV series. Yes, they sure will be but we have to move at Netflix’s pace.

Interpreting from Alba Baptista’s words, a second season could be delayed till mid or late Next year. When you also put the pandemic into consideration, you might begin to see reasons why Netflix has not announced a second season yet.

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