WhatsApp Group New Update | Facebook Fix WhatsApp Group Feature

WhatsApp is the best instant messaging platform to be in, it’s close to 2 billion users in over 180 countries worldwide will surely tell you that. Every feature on the chatting network makes it just the perfect smart messaging platform for any purpose.

It’s also one of the best video calling apps and for this reason, WhatsApp reported a surge increase in the number of users using its services for calls during the pandemic. To improve on its call feature, WhatsApp plans on increasing the number of people that can be in a group video call from 4 to 8.

whatsapp group new update

This new update applies to video or voice group calls on Whatsapp. But that’s not the latest update WhatsApp is cooking.

WhatsApp Group Feature That Needs Fixing

WhatsApp groups are great because WhatsApp respects user’s privacy and security. Technically, your friends on WhatsApp are your contact list, so if you are going to be joining a group it’s going to be from someone on your contact list.

But there is something with joining groups on social media platforms that are annoying. You put on your phone only to see up to 3000 messages, what the!!!!

Check the messages only to find out, it’s from an important WhatsApp group you joined. As annoying as this sound, it keeps happening and there is nothing you can do about it. You dare not leave or exit the group, that would have been an option but the group plays a vital role in your life.

So What to Do?

Mute the group, that’s the other cool option you’ve got. But muting the group only lasts for a certain amount of time, a day, a week, a month, a year being the highest.

Mute a WhatsApp group for a day, week, or a month means you just need your space and time. But when you do it for a year, it means you really want out of that group but you wish you had another option.

That’s where WhatsApp’s new update comes in, the ability to mute group notifications permanently. This is the best option to manage notifications from those huge WhatsApp groups you’ve joined especially those you really never wanted to join.

Being able to mute WhatsApp group notifications indefinitely, till further notice. No more disturbance until you are ready to unmute the WhatsApp group, cool!!!

This WhatsApp update might take a while before it shows up at our doorsteps even for beta testers. It’s still currently in the development stage but its release will really prove very helpful.

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