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Twitter Download- If you’ve never used the Twitter social media platform before now, now might be the best time, since we are practicing social distancing. Basically, everyone is at home and social media platforms seem to be the best way to feel alive and actually see the world. What makes Twitter different is the amount of sarcasm and jokes it could create out of anything.

Founded in 2006, at first Twitter was more like Facebook, with time and lots of changes the term tweets, followers and retweeting came into the show. Twitter security and connectivity prowess are some of the properties that makes it cool. Yes, it’s a social media site means its primary purpose is to connect people, Twitter makes it look simple by putting everyone on the same ground.

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How to Download the Twitter App

For any Smartphone or mobile device, just follow these simple steps;

  • Navigate to your device App Store.
  • Type “Twitter” on the search bar, click on the app with a white bird on a blue background.
  • Proceed to download and install, won’t take long.

You might decide not to download from the App Store, there is another option. Open your device web browser and type in “Twitter download”. The browser search engine will provide you with options, click on the ones with download options. Most sites will give you the app in an apk format to download, proceed to, but note that this is at your own risk.

Some sites put bugs and malware on the apk version of this app. You could also try third parties App Stores like Mobogenie, Aptoide or Amazon and so on.

Twitter For Desktop or PC

Unlike most apps that do not have a PC version, Twitter does. Most software has better and unique user features on their app than the web version. The same goes for social media platforms. For instance, the Facebook app allows you to operate more than two different accounts from a particular app, for the web version, even if you succeed you might get queries from Facebook.

The Twitter app allows you to manage different accounts, tweet easily and get more tweets on your tweet feed. Its interface makes it easy to roam the twitter world.

How to Download Twitter For Desktop or PC

Make sure your device OS is not lesser than Windows 8, for you to fully enjoy the app.

  • Navigate to Microsoft App Store on your PC.
  • Search for twitter and proceed to download.
  • There is also the browser option, where you just open your browser, preferably chrome and type Download Twitter app.

For MAC devices, the twitter app is not really available for your devices. But there are two other options you could try out;

  • You could download or buy Tweetbot, Twitterrific, or Tweetdeck. The Tweetbox and Tweetdeck are your best options, they are Twitter-based apps, owned and managed by Twitter itself.
  • You could try out Mac Catalyst; A new way in which Apple plans to bring iPad apps to Mac desktop or PC. Twitter is taking full advantage of this tool thereby creating a Twitter app for Mac desktop. This tool is not just for twitter alone, it also promises an avenue for other apps to use.

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