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Facebook COVID-19 Information Center- The coronavirus pandemic has held the world at the throat taking human lives like it’s not valuable. Today we’ve recorded more than a million cases. That’s not news anyone should and will be happy about. Everyone is doing everything possible to keep the virus at bay and Facebook is trying its best.

Facebook has been doing a lot recently to fight against the further spread of the virus by doing what it does best; spreading information. Information is spread in different ways, via platforms like Facebook. For information to spread on Facebook, it has to happen through the people on Facebook.

Information spreading through people would always be managed and fashioned to fit different stories. Hence producing different versions of the same story.

facebook information covid19 center

COVID-19 Information Center

There were different versions of the Coronavirus news, so many were false, causing more trouble than the virus did itself. This encouraged Facebook to set up an Information hub where users could get standard news about the virus. According to Facebook, the information hub will provide the latest news and updates from trusted health authorities as well as safety tips to stay healthy for families and communities.

Almost all countries in the world already have the Facebook feature and it reached Africa recently. It’s already in South Africa, Senegal, Nigeria, Seychelles, Togo, Kenya, Mali, DRC, Guinea and Mauritania. Facebook also promised to extend it to Sub Saharan African markets.

How to Get to the Facebook COVID-19 Information Center

This Facebook feature will keep users up to date about the coronavirus. Furthermore fighting against all kinds of false news spread about the virus. Facebook users can decide to follow the information centre to get notifications on their news feed from official and recognized government health authorities.

This center can be found at the top of your Facebook news feed page. Facebook recently did some changes to their software, redesigning it to look simpler and better.

A lot of changes were made and the coronavirus information centre was one of them. Zuckerberg insisted that Facebook’s goal as of now was to get valid news to everyone. He backed up his words by making sure the information center is and will be available to every country.

He also did this by putting it at the top of the Facebook page. Hence the information center becomes one of the first things a Facebook user will see every time he/she visits Facebook.

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