How To Easily Make Money Online Staying At Home in Coronavirus Season

It’s that time of the year where you are somehow at home again doing nothing. The first few days it was pretty cool, but with time it became boring and stupid. It seems like you were just intentionally wasting time, so the idea pops up, How to make money online staying at home?

Coronavirus got everyone at home against their own will and to be honest there is a probability our economies might crash. Reasons because what keeps our economy working is us and the factors we put into it, so what happens when we are offline. This article is going to talk about how to make money online staying at home.

how to make money online staying at home

Ways To Make Money Online While At Home

Google Adsense

This is one of the best ways to make money online. It’s not that stressful to set up, all you need is a blog or website where Google can display their ads, sign up for Google ads account. After this, Google offers you a code that you will post to your website.

They also begin to monitor your site from there, tracking your views, traffic and people’s activities on the site. The data or information Google collated determines your pay which can be quite heavy. You could make an average of $2000-$10,000 yearly depending on your site activities.

Freelance Writing

Are you a talented writer? Do you think you can compete and become better than other writers? Freelancing writing is just as profitable as blogging where you could make up to $1000 monthly. It’s not just about the money, it’s more about how good and ready you are.


You are so good you could literally do what Grammarly does for writers, just better since you are not a program. When a writer or blogger is getting ready to put up content, they need proofreaders to cross-check the content for errors and mistakes. Proofreaders are like human grammar checkers, they go through write-ups, contents, project works, anything that needs correction editing.

What if you could combine Freelance writing with Proofreading, you see where am going with this?

Technical Freelancing

Might Not be as easy and lucrative as Freelancing Writing but just as good. Technical can be graphic designing, video editing, image editing and so on. So you offer your unique services to people online in need of them and get paid for it.

Online Tutors

You’ve seen them on you-tube or social media platforms. You know a lot of things or stuffs people don’t know. Knowledge of things that is not common. Share it online on platforms that are willing to pay. You’d be surprised how much people would kill to know what you know.

You could also sell educational ideas like lesson plans to teachers or unique classroom activities to schools. You want to make money online, you have to use your skills.

Play Online Games

Not just any online game, but one sure to earn you money. Who would have thought you could do something you love and earn money on it?.


Most people ignore this part because they believe it’s not that relevant. Podcasting is one of the best ways to make money online if you are serious and ready to go for it. It might be tough at first but you have to know nothing comes without pain.

Select a topic or the audience you want to reach with your podcast, don’t do an everything kind of Podcast. Grow your audience steadily, be patient and wait for it.

Leads Selling

To do this, you will also need a site. Selling information to companies about potential clients and customers. It’s simple, you gather information from people or potential customers on a particular niche, it could be insurance or furniture and you sell that information to leads buyers. These leads buyers use that information they’ve bought to improve their marketing strategies and try to get those potential customers.

Online Counsellor or Life Coach

These are people with confidence, charisma, courage and are good at finding solutions to other people’s problems. It’s very lucrative depending on how good you become at it. You could give online courses or advice to people with different kinds of problems depending on your area of concentration.


Last but not least, one of the most dominant ways to make money online, I personally call it Online Coining. it’s very lucrative because you are literally investing your money to buy coins that are interestingly valuable online. You store them using some kind of online wallets, watch them multiply depending on the kind of investment you put them through and probably sell them when their value increases.

The bottom line is the fact that how to make money online staying at home is quite easy. It just has to do with what you can offer online that could solve other people’s problems, challenges or issues.

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