Sell On Facebook Page – How Do I Sell Things On My Facebook Page

Sell On Facebook Page – When you think of Facebook what comes to mind is a social media platform or application which helps you connect to friends and family all across the globe. However, there’s more to the popular social media platform than just connecting with other users. It is now prominently being recognized as an online marketing platform in the highest levels as well.

Sell On Facebook Page - How Do I Sell Things On My Facebook Page

Facebook has always primed their platform on improving it’s features every now and again which is why it keeps up with the trend and the vastly changing technological and communication advancement as years count. It has developed couple of features that helps users engage in buying and selling of several items on the platform, but we will be highlighting the use of Facebook Page as an online business medium in this article.

To sell on Facebook page is one of the most efficient way business owners or individuals that has items for sale can promote and advertise their businesses online at no incurred cost. Using the Facebook page as an online store for selling items is an easy way of making money right from the convenience of you mobile devices, laptops or desktop at home or any place of your choice.

How To Sell On Facebook Page

Using Facebook page as an online store where buying and selling goes on is a smart move as a business owner because as you know Facebook has a very large database of users, which some of them are potential buyers of the items you promote on your Facebook page. It requires basic requirement which is to own a Facebook account before following the below steps on how to sell on Facebook page;

  1. Login to your Facebook account at
  2. On your Facebook page, configure the Shop page.
  3. Set up your Shop details.
  4. Configure your payment method
  5. Add product(s)  to your Facebook
  6. Manage your orders.

You have to admit that this is one of the most straightforward means of getting an online store set up for sale using a Facebook page. The job is not all done after setting up and configuring you online store with a Facebook page, you will need to grow on your reach to enable lots of prospective buyers become your target audience.

Benefits Of Selling On Facebook Page

One great feature of an online store like Facebook Page is that you do not need other online marketing platforms because everything you need to run a store  is made available on Facebook. That is one of the benefits of selling on Facebook Page. Some others are;

  • Facebook page provides putting the products up for sale in collections or categories
  • Selling on Facebook page allows for communication with your customers directly.

Other benefits of choosing to sell items on Facebook page is because it let’s you see statistics, visits all and more. In the end, Facebook is willing to help you promote your business to target audience on the social media platform, Facebook.

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