Pinterest Business Account – Pinterest allows individuals to organize images and videos on a personalized collections which is known as boards, thus it is more geared towards social discovery than other social networks.

That is to say Pinterest is a great place for your business to be found, for it is actually a visual search engine and not a social site and it is easier to master than Google.

Pinterest Business Account

Therefore, Pinterest can provide significant value to business, for it is a network where people look for inspiration, including specifically seeking out ideas about new products to buy and for now according to e-marketers only Facebook outranks Pinterest in terms of influencing U.S social media user’s purchasing decisions.

Benefits of Pinterest Business Account

For a while it comes to Pinterest many business owners or bloggers still think that Pinterest it’s just for fun, searching for dinner recipes or outfits for a party, this is really bad for you to register in your mind. So let’s go about the benefits:

  1. If you are using Pinterest as part of how you make a living, either to drive traffic to a blog that makes you some money or to build your personal product to find customers for your products or services, you should sign up for a business account and agree to Business Terms of Services.
  2. Having created your Business account you are legible to display your business name instead of first and last name. Thus, with a business account, you will have one box with Business name to fill where you will include your personal name, business/blog name and add keywords.
  3. It will enable you to get access to business features, for your account won’t change that much, but you will be able to have access to business features which include Rich Pins, Promoted Pins and Pinterest  Analytics
  4. Pinterest integration with website, Facebook profile and Twitter account, enables users to automatically post new pins to their news feeds for others to see.
  5. One good thing about this social platform is that it is used to see what is trending right now.

How to setup Pinterest Business Account

Under this sub-heading we are to talk about how you can have a Pinterest Business account to start benefiting from this social network feature:

  1. Go to Pinterest Business Account Sign up page. Thus remember you are not creating a regular or normal Pinterest account.
  2. Next is to click on Join as Business and fill in the appropriate information.
  3. Here, you choose five categories to follow that relate to your brand or product once you have done that you will be taken to your Pinterest feed.
  4. Then setup your profile page, at the top right corner you click on the “push pin” and select “My profile”.
  5. Choose edit profile which is located at the right corner of the next page.
  6. Under here you enter your business information into the Edit profile Box, such as for profile picture use brand or company logo. Your username should be so related with your business name.
  7. The about you option should be brief and use specific key words for your product., then enter your website  and be sure to confirm the website by clicking on Confirm Website, for this will enhance your Pinterest profile and alert Pinterest if someone else tries to use it.

Having inserted the above information you can now click Save.

  • Begin to create your own boards for this social platform is designed to be like a virtual scrapbook for all things you love. For you to create a board simply click on the Create Board button on your page.
  • Begin to pin items to your board by going about searching for pins.
  • Join the Pinterest Ads wait list.

Congratulations you are on Pinterest Business Account which is a great move if you are looking to connect with potential buyers.


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