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Yahoo Ads- Online advertisement all comes down to just how many people on the web you could potentially communicate your ads to. About 5 billion people worldwide are internet users, which means at least 80% of that number are on Google.

Yahoo might not be among the top ten best online advertising platforms but as I said earlier it’s about the number of people your ads could reach. To increase that number you have to utilize every chance you’ve got from Google to Facebook, Instagram, or Yahoo.

Yahoo has more than 200 million users sending about 26 billion emails daily. That data might not be as good as Facebook’s but it increases the efficiency and amount of people your ads reach.

Yahoo ads

Cost Of Yahoo Ads

This is one of the unique reasons why you should advertise on Yahoo, it’s cheap. Think of it this way, most top online advertising platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Linkedln, Instagram, and so on have lots of people advertising on them. This will increase competition and creativity, thus affecting the cost of advertising on any of those platforms.

I am not inferring that you should not advertise on any of those platforms. For a starter on online ads, Yahoo might be the best platform for you because of its low price and efficacy.

Yahoo Ads Formats

Yahoo Mail Ads

As the name suggests, it comes in the form of a mail or banner to a Yahoo user’s mail. Like any ad, immediately it’s clicked on, it creates a conversion and either saves to the user inbox, forwarded to someone else or closes.


These are the most effective kinds of ads on Yahoo because of their importance and the fact that they are targeted ads. With this kind of ad, you can specify the kind of people you want to reach based on their activities on Yahoo.

It’s more like using the Facebook ads because you can target specific users on Yahoo increasing the number of times your ads will be clicked on.

Native Ads

These ads are blended to look more like normal content, like a disguise. These kinds of ads are created to adjust and rhyme to the Yahoo platform so they look more like news content.

Image, Video, Carousel or Text Ads

These kinds of Yahoo ads are grouped under Sponsored ads. These kinds of ads are quite effective because of their visual characteristics. For instance, on Yahoo or websites sometimes, you might come across some video ads playing but are muted by default until you click on it. That’s a perfect example of a sponsored ad.

Tumblr Ads

Yahoo acquired Tumblr on the 20th of June 2013 for $1.1 billion. Although it was sold last year to automatic (Word Press owner), Tumblr ads were quite effective. Yahoo tried integrating itself with Tumblr so as to increase ad sales.

This made it possible for advertisers to promote their posts and ads via the platforms thereby increasing the number of people reached.

Advertising On Yahoo

To use any of Yahoo services, it’s is quite compulsory to have a Yahoo account, to do this, follow this link.

Now you’ve opened an account, let’s get to the deal. Yahoo has different services to take care of Yahoo users’ needs. As expected there is a Yahoo ads manager that could guide Yahoo users on creating and managing ads.

It’s called Yahoo Gemini, it provides services such as sponsored search, local advertising, product or travel advertising. This creates an avenue for business to advertise their products or services on Yahoo.

Steps to Advertise On Yahoo

Sign in to Yahoo Gemini and it will completely guide you to advertising on Yahoo. It groups Yahoo ads on what user’s aims and objectives are. It is categorized mainly into three

  • Do you want to Increase Traffic on your website? Visit My Website.
  • Know My Brand. Do you want to advertise your products and services thereby increasing sales?
  • App Ads. This type is if you want to create awareness about your app and how it works.

Creating a Yahoo Ad

  • Fill in all the campaign details required. Details such as campaign name and type, ads extensions, audience insight, and so on.
  • Choose your Ad settings and schedule.
  • Depending on the kind of campaign type you selected, choose your preferred Ad copy.
  • Yahoo Gemini is a Yahoo Ad Manager. It will provide you with tools that will help you manage and track your ad’s work rate.
  • On the right corner of the Yahoo Gemini, click on Settings>View Tag Code. There is your account conversion code, place this code on your website.
  • To check or edit your Conversion action, go to the menu bar, and click on Shared library>Conversion rules. The conversion action has to do with the actions taken on any of the aims of your ads. For instance, if you are looking to promote your website, a conversion would be counted every time when a user hits a page on your site through the Yahoo ads.
  • For the last step, pay for the ads. Enter your credit or debit card details and click on Activate.

Advertising on Yahoo is not just easy but efficient with an ad manager like Gemini. Sign up for Yahoo today and enjoy Yahoo’s long list of services.

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