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Payoneer- An online e-commerce platform designed in 2005. Founded in New York City by Yuval Tal who also happens to be their current president. Since then the company has pretty much grown into one of the biggest in the business.

There is also the fact that it’s been hitting its aim at the head by offering secure online pay-in and payout solutions. As of 2019, Paypal had a net worth of $1 billion and 14 notable offices around the world.

Payoneer offers to pay and getting paid solutions around the world just like doing transactions locally. Their services are very well affordable, fast, flexible, secure, and known for their connecting prowess.

Available in more than 200 countries. It supports thirty-five different languages and has up to twenty offices located globally their customer care service is first class.


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Payoneer’s Importance

In a digital world where strategic digital and online marketing is the order of the day, Payoneer makes life easy for sellers and buyers alike. These solutions are as followed;

  • By offering cross border payment solutions they empower businesses and improve their sale limit.
  • They also break the location sale barrier, who says someone in Africa can’t sell clothes to a person in India.
  • Offering a secure and flexible banking experience to growing businesses and online or offline marketplaces around the world.
  • Tax problems such as VAT can be easily solved with Payoneer.
  • They’ve partnered with so many big firms and companies which we come in contact with daily via monetary transactions. This partnership makes it easy for users to get paid or pay for services offered. Hence the conclusion of Payoneer being the connection line between people, customers, businesses e.t.c and large companies, firms, organizations whether locally or internationally.
  • Payoneer offers its services at very affordable charges making it easy for any kind of business to access.

Let’s simplify everything we’ve been talking about. Payoneer offers you an online method of payment where you can accept other kinds of currencies via a Payoneer account. It’s like an international online bank. It’s not just about receiving but also about paying or transferring. Payoneer also allows you to withdraw funds to your local bank account in your local currency. Everything a bank offers and more. It’s easy to sign up. Just use this link and follow the short process.

Payoneer Fees

Firstly let’s talk about the $25 bonus they give you immediately you successfully sign up. You can withdraw from $20- $9500 (minimum-maximum withdrawable amount) at a low charge of $3. Below are the transactions and charges on Payoneer;

  • Payments from other Payoneer accounts are free.
  • There are particular fees for receiving money from marketplaces and networks such as Fiver or Upwork. They differ, different marketplaces with different charges.
  • Payoneer has a billing service more like asking or reminding your customers about payment. If payments are done by credit card or eCheck, the service is charged at 3% and 1% of the fee respectively.
  • Withdrawal to most local bank accounts is free. Also note that withdrawal to bank accounts in USD, EUR or GBP currencies are charged at $1.50, 1.50 euros, 1.50 pounds respectively. This applies where the bank resides in countries where those currencies are the local currencies.
  • There is also an annual fee of $29.95, more like annual card charges.
  • The card replacement fee is $12.95.
  • ATM withdrawal is $3.15 plus whatever the ATM machine decides to charge.
  • Payoneer bank transfer charges are $5.95 or $9.95 depending on the countries.

Click Payoneer Easy Sign up to start receiving Foreign Currency with ease and enjoy these benefits

With access to over 150 different local currencies. Partnerships with different large international firms and more than 4 million customers using Payoneer might be the best decision you’d make.

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