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Netflix Price- Netflix has been around since 1997, it’s one of the leading video streaming platforms in the world with more than 160 million users worldwide. Using Netflix service is almost like using DSTV services.  You can stream almost anything apart from sports shows, guess that what makes it different from DSTV services.

Basically, Netflix can stream everything media, news, music shows, documentaries, and sometimes old sporting events. Using Netflix comes with subscription plans to fit different kinds of people and also a one month free trial period. These plans come at different prices and in three different types.

netflix price

Netflix Primary Plans

Basic Plan

With this plan you get the casual or normal Netflix experience. You can only stream from one device in regular quality and resolution. Regular in that sentence means normal, almost like a normal HD screen.

The basic plan is $9 monthly.

Standard Plan

This is better than the basic plan in the sense that it can be accessed across two different devices simultaneously. You could watch any show of your choice on two different screens at the same time in HD quality.

The standard plan is $13 monthly.

Premium Plan

Premium plan functions just as Standard plan, with the difference being that it offers streaming shows on four different devices simultaneously. This means that you could watch anything on up to four different screens at the same time in Ultra HD quality.

The premium plan is $16 monthly.

There is also the DVD and Blu Ray plan. These plans are only available to people in the U.S, it offers some movies that are rare and hard to find. It does not infringe disk rights means it’s safe and most movies or shows it offers are the ones that are not available to stream. Depending on the plans it prices range from $4.99 to $15 depending on your plan and movies.

  DVD Plans

Standard Plan

At $7.99 monthly this plan offers one disc at a time and an unlimited amount of Disc per month.

Premier Plan

At $11.99 per month, two discs at a time, and an unlimited amount of discs per month.

Blu Ray Plans

Standard Plan

$9.99 monthly and works the same as DVD standard plan.

Premier Plan

$14.99 dollar per month and works the same way as DVD premier plan. The only difference with the Blu-Ray and DVD plans is the prices, names, and quality it offers.

Choose a plan that fits not just your lifestyle but your budget and something you’d be able to renew regularly without stress. For example don’t choose a Netflix premium plan when you are the only one streaming Netflix via your account, its advisable to go for the standard or basic plan instead.

Well, it’s a full service, so get ready, forget the world exists and let’s see movies and TV Shows like never before.

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