Legal Movie Streaming or Download Services | 7 Best Movie Download/Streaming Services

Legal Movie Streaming or Download Services – Are you fed up with Netflix, Amazon’s, Hulu’s, or other legal streaming website content? Or you can’t afford the luxury that comes with these services of these big names legal streaming platforms.

You don’t want to try out those free movie download sites also because most are illegal and also could install dangerous malware to your device. We’ve got you with the best safe legal movie download or stream services.

Legal Movie Streaming or Download Services

7 Best Movie Download/Streaming Services

We’ve researched and gathered the best sites to download or stream any movie of your choice peacefully without ads and on good quality. If any of the sites comes up with a problem you can’t handle easily, feel free to check on any other one on this list.


This free streaming site might have little or no ads pop-up issues but trust me it has got some of the best movie titles. It even has a section tagged “Not On Netflix” dedicated to movies that as the name suggests are not on the popular paid movie streaming network.

The site offers movies and TV shows that can be streamed free of any charges and there is no needs to open an account or register. The movie or TV shows viewing quality is standard, not exactly HD but good to go. The service is available on desktops, android, iOS, Roku, and Amazon Fire devices.

Pluto TV

This TV also supports ads. Unlike most legal movie download or streaming services, this one is more of a live TV tool than a site. It offers an on-demand streaming service and lots of channels that cover huge genres and categories of TV shows and movies.

Episodes from TV show titles like CSI, Family ties, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 can be found on any of those channels. Movies are grouped into categories making it easier to find just the one you want.

Since the service is owned by ViacomCBS (owners of Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central and so much more TV networks) most of its contents would be from its subsidiaries.


Although Vudu is a paid movie streaming service and as such isn’t suppose to make this list, it has a section dedicated to streaming free content. You’d have to open an account. Therefore, registering for Vudu’s services, then tolerate the different ads pop up here and there just to encourage you to try its paid service.

However, it proves to be worth the pain as Vudu has more than 5000 movies in its free movie streaming section. The only downside is most of these movies are old and most only come in standard viewing quality so if you’re looking for recent blockbusters, this is the wrong place to be.


The movie rating site, most people use this site to check out the ratings and reviews of movies before going on to download or stream the movie somewhere else. You can also stream movies on this site, new intense or action-filled movies easily on this site.

Of course, there’s a catch. You’d have to open an account and sit through some minutes of annoying ads but it’s definitely worth it. IMDb doesn’t hide the good stuff like most sites on this list do. It’s easy to navigate and find just the movie or kind of movies you are searching for.


An amateur when it comes to legally stream movies and TV shows good enough to be termed popular. Very easy to navigate, with little or no ads. Completely free movies that are just a few clicks away once on the site to begin playing.

Its services can be accessed via its website or mobile app either on a desktop or a mobile device.

If PopcornFlix doesn’t have enough contents for you or you keep finding it hard to navigate its services; you can try out its favorite alternative in the next paragraph


Although you’d have to sign up for its services that way it’s almost like you’re using Netflix without paying. You can set up a watch list, get suggestions and recommendations for new shows and movies to see.

Browse through its extensive well-known movie titles. In Crackle you’d find movies and shows you actually want to stream for free not ones you’re streaming because they’re free.


To end my list, I’ve decided to go with the most used free streaming service. This service is home to all kinds of movies and TV shows. A very large quantity of them both old, new, and just released.

If you search well enough, you might even find banned and pirated movies and TV shows here available to stream for free. You don’t necessarily need an account to stream YouTube but the experience gets better if you open one. YouTube also has a section dedicated to movies that are free to stream but come with ads.

You can also download movies and TV shows from YouTube directly to your respective device with the right instructions.

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